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*** poor lazy people at lowes

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Oh yeah dumbest delivery people bitched at each other the whole time they installed it. I guess the other guy didn\'t know how to install things and the other guy would not stop bickering at him.

Very annoying and thanks for the dent in front of the washer oh well it only cost 672.00 dollars. You didn\'t pay for it so I guess you wouldn\'t care.

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Searched for someone to help at Lowes Lawrenceburg, IN and she skips over me to help someone else after I hunt her down Then dude crushes my can of stain and says it will be fine. No one smiling at front desk. No wonder I shop online. Why don't you hire some nice people that actually want to work at your company. Time to start firing people and rehiring. Give me a break. I know you can not control the people in your parking lot, but maybe if you people had better service I may not have gotten a poor look from some girl. Cause you know what if you smile at someone or do something nice it domino effects and rubs off in a good way. 2 smiles equal 4 smiles 6 frowns equals 12. Get it.
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*** you people home depot can eat a *** there prices are sky high and customer service hahahah those words arent used there u can barley get someone to pick up the phone let alone help u in the store basically if u walk in home depot your up *** creek without a paddle.


Did you see the nasty comment that was left on my review. I don't know who " Felix" or " Joe " is but their attitude is similar to what I have encountered at Lowes on several occasions.

I did have this one guy who was super helpful- he gave me excellent advise on hanging a mirror. He was awesome, but it is rare to get that kind of customer service.

I am sorry that you all had a bad experience too. Maybe Home Depot gives better service.


I need lumber for remodeling and needed stack of boards moved down from high rack . well there were a manager and two workers standing around chatting.

I tried to get help and was told there helping another customer.

well ask couple other workers and keep get pointed back to the two workers who are still standing around chatting 30 minutes have passed and manager was no help . Just took my business else where.

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