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My name is Steven Yaniz, I am a Pro-SEO with his own company and yes I am speaking here about both a Friend and Wonderful employee-Nirvelli Design & Keisha Ruff. Nirvelli Design has always been available, smart, fast and cheap when it comes to building websites; I should know they have built quite a few for me before I moved to Texas and several more after. None of my clients has ever had any complaints as to her services or performance, so I found it odd to see the posting on this website. Well MR. MuHaHaHa, I did a little research on your "company" and its own standing online. Doing a little research on the slanderous and vile complaint you posted previously, what I found was another "get rich quick" website owner who watched way too many "get rich quick" DVDS and thinks he knows what he's talking about. Seems like you have been very busy trying to make Several names to succeed and utterly failed. Not only has your company received 972 complaints in Utah's BBB, but you are pretty well renowned across the USA for similar complaints under your other DBA names: "¢ "¢ "¢ The Heritage Group Heritage Web Design Heritage Web Solutions Yellow Page Partners Chamber Partners HIT Web Design And yes I know you're going to sue me for every penny, I must also be trailer trash and a ***-skank or something since I am openly calling your "review/complaint" vile and an utter lie. I know Keisha as a programmer first and she has fulfilled all her obligations as a programmer in stellar fashion. Pricing, performance, attention and feedback is always available. I have ZERO clients who were not been happy and satisfied with her finished work. Steven Yaniz The Affordable SEO
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there not telling u lies there telling u the truth :) Richard gorman jr is telling lies hes the one richard gorman jr

@My name is Steven Yaniz

Last Known Address: 1101 LOCUST ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107


Sex: Male Eyes: BROWN

Height: 6'2 Hair: BLACK

Weight 210 lbs. Age/DOB: 1982

Offense or Statute

Offense/Statute: FL040 - SEXUAL BATTERY INJURY NOT LIKELYDate Convicted: 06 July 2005




:grin I am leaving a message in defense of Keisha. I have seen her work and am extremely impressed.

I am defending her for the slander and inappropriate remarks left by one unsatisfied customer. As far as trailer-park trash you need to look up the meaning of trailer-park trash. And cheating on her husband, really, come on, have you proof? Provide the proof and then you would have something to talk about.

I could say the same about you however it does not mean that its true. Sounds to me like you are upset over her putting on the internet that you dont pay your bills. Well, there is evidence of that. Sooo.

I for one am voting for her.

Awesome at what she does. Thats all that counts.


I have known Keisha for years on end & Nirvelli Design is the only company I trust to do all of my web designs & logos. I have referred Nirvelli to several business owners & will continue to do so simply because I know folks are just like me, they want the job done & they want the job done right!


Keisha is both professional and trustworthy. She is an honorable person and honest.

She stands behind her work and will try her best to make her customers happy. As for the personal attacks against Keisha, it is no ones business where she lives or does in her spare time. She has been accused of "cheating on her husband and doing things out her trailer park." How is that anyones business if it is true? How many doctors or lawyers cheat on their spouses?

As for the doing her things from her trailer park, I don't know if she lives in a trailer park or not but what does it matter as long as her work is of good quality? How many Avon, Mary kay, or other home based businesses are run from people living in a trailer park? A lot more than you think. I even know a couple of lawyers and doctors that live in trailer houses, that doesn't make them less trustworthy.

As for her criminal background, I seriously doubt it. No one that trustworthy has that kind of past. I sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black or a case of sour grapes.

The real issue should be did the work get done, if so pay for it and quit the personal attacks. Too bad maturity so seldom comes with age.


My Offer remains the same Mr. Gorman, We can both walk away and end this issue by both of us removing the reviews we have provided.

This is the same offer as before. You decided to remark on a good friend, wonderful mother and great designer for your own personal gain and reason, specifically that you didn't want to pay her. I state facts above and there are plenty of facts out there about you to repost, again, and again, and again, and they are FACTS. I didn't "make-up" your arrest, I didn't make up that you're registered.

In fact, all I have done is show facts. So we can go round and round, run campaigns, slam each other, include each other's family and friends. Or just remove our posts and walk away...the choice is yours.

Your empty threats are just that, empty. I am not a little girl in a limo


Do that and you definitely will be in court for slander seeing is you have never worked with either one of us.


good try Steven - this won't outrank the original thread. Hey I have an idea - since you're posting about me would you like me to start posting about you?

Do a little more digging buddy and you'll find out that I have deep ties to the ORM industry and the best SEOs in the world.

Ranking for the following keywords:

"Steven Yaniz" "Steve Yaniz" and "" is an incredibly easy thing to do. I think the word "Extortion" and "Lawsuit" along with any information a halfway decent PI brings up should fit fine. While we're at it we might as well throw in a few other keywords such as "Jennifer Yaniz" and "Esteban Yaniz," what are your thoughts? When we rank keywords, next to Google delisting them (never happens), their results are permanent - heck you might even learn a thing or two about how SEO works by analyzing the way we rank online.

Let me know if you want to go down this route, and if so, we'll get started tonight. I assure you that we will have the first 3 pages of your name (and multiple variations of it) covered by the end of the week.

We do not take to people attempting to EXTORT us by posting FALSE / INFLAMMATORY information lightly. You have grossly misstated a number of facts.

Now - please respond and let us know if you'd us to start posting abougt you online. Otherwise, let's just continue down the legal path. Lawsuit is getting filed in district court next week.

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