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Lowes Rejected My Review - Awful Company

In the last 2 weeks I purchased a 20 inch stove online from Lowes and the whole thing was a disaster, from start to finish. Without going into the long winded details, I decided to keep the 400 dollar stove with the crooked door after they brought a second stove with a door that was even more crooked (needed it quickly for my friend who's staying in my studio apt.) I decided to go leave a truthful review about all that had happened with this order. No cussing, no caps, nothing like that, just the truth. Today I checked my email and Lowes rejected my review. Refused to print it (truth hurts). I will never, ever shop from them again, online or in store. It was a sorry time wasting experience. Since they won't print my review I think I'll just go everywhere I can find on the web and post what happened. I used Home Depot for all the supplies for the rehab on my house without ONE problem. This time I thought I'd try Lowes and I regret it deeply. If you are thinking of buying from Lowes, don't do it, just runnnnn....Because if you have a problem they are so not there for the customer :(
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They did this to me today because I posted a negative review of some absolute *** tile they sold me and installed for $10,000. I do not trust a single review on their website now and will be using Home Depot instead.


Lowe's rejects reviews when there have been too many negative posts on any given product. They don't want their sales to suffer, after all!


I agree with your assessment of Lowe's. Their installer screwed up my garage door (putting in an opener), then left with it hopelessly stuck 1/2 open and didn't answer his phone. I had to pay a real professional to fix his damage to my door. Lowe's accepted no responsibility.

I submitted a review at this site. Like you, I didn't swear or use caps. Someone named "Lowe's Pro" left a comment blaming me for the damage to my door! He/she is obviously a Lowe's employee, and I'm even madder (more pissed) now that they've tried to spin it and blame the victim of their installer's wrongdoing. I will drive across two states to their competitors before shopping at Lowe's again.

I also filed a complaint with the BBB - you should, too!


I agree, this is a *** stove with zero features and costs 10 times more than it's worth. We just had one delivered today for one of our rentals and they dropped the thing off the truck.

Any advice on getting compensation for mucking up such a pricey POS?



$400 or $1000 product should come defect free. Funny how some people only get upset if it happens to them.


It's a 20 INCH APT STOVE, ya stupe. With no features at all. Even has a fake drawer on bottom. So yeah, 400 is alot. Especially when they come with bent frames and crooked doors. They charge more for some of these stoves than they do for a good quality full size oven with all the features.

Do your homework before posting.

Also, this review was about LOWES and what happened with the order, not about me.

Isn't this what pissed consumer is about?

Or is it just for idiots to get on here and sling *** at the poster?


Sounds like a cheap stove I mean it only cost 400.00 what did you expect. You get what you pay for. Sounds like you were expecting a 1000.00 stove for 400.00 Seriously


Oh, haha, we have comedy central joining us.

If my eyes are crooked then so are the eyes of the delivery people and at least four others who looked at the stove.

For 400 dollars you should get a stove that's door doesn't drop to the left.

A.I. do you work for Lowes?


So what was the problem again? Perhaps your eyes are crooked.

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