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Pearson Ford - Shameful customer service & shortsightedness

I'm shocked at the poor customer service provided by Pearson Ford and their attempt to gouge customers. They've obviously never read Give Em the Pickle by Bob Ferrell or they would know how to treat customers better! On a Wednesday, my dad purchased 2 NEW cars from them in one night (who does that?!). My dad traded in a 2001 Neon with extensive hail damage, dents and other isses for $500, not realizing that I had wanted it. The next day, my dad called the salesman to say that his son-in-law would be calling to discuss buying the neon from them. On Friday, my husband called and was told they wanted $1,872 for it, but to come in on Monday and they could talk about it. On Monday, my husband went in and offered $1200 to take it away (it was still sitting in the back of the lot untouched). The salesman countered by offering to take a whopping $72 off the price (the tax)! What an insult in negotiations. We know the car will be sent to auction because of its condition. So the dealership will probably pay the auction house 20%, which means if they are lucky, they may make $1498. We would have went that high had they negotiated with us. But rather than negotiate fairly with us (and still make a hefty profit off the initial trade in amount) they chose to *** off my dad and mom, my husband, me, our grown children, and all the friends and family who I have told the story to. You'd think that if a customer buys 2 new cars in 1 night, they would work with them to sell their junk car back to their kids. I hope losing all these potential customers was was worth $100 or so extra they may have made! It makes me very worried for any future repairs my dad will have to have done to his cars there - how will they gouge them? My parents are seniors and I'm afraid this dealership will take advantage of them in the future. I don't trust Pearson Ford at all!
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Sorry to break this to you but auto companies are in the money-making business. They bought that car from your dad so it was theirs to do whatever they pleased.

This happens all the time in America, it is capitalism. :)


Your "dad" did not buy 2 vehicles that day.Your story is full of holes, next time you post a fake/bogus complaint at least get all your "relationships/kin folk, etc straight.husband/son-in law, etc. all the same person, ?

We have bben told by the dealership that a police report has been filed against you for attempted extortion and a R.0.(Restrainig order) has been filed and is now being served on you barring you from all dealership properties.

Our advice to you is to stop this harrassment as it will cause you severe legal charges if continued.

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