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Mark Floyd Plumbing Clarksville, TN Ripped Me Off

Mark Floyd is dishonest. I issued a check to Mark Floyd Plumbing to secure his services as a plumber. Mark Floyd was to complete the rough-in plumbing on my new home. He worked for a couple of days and completed about 20% of the work and has not returned. Nor did he return my check. He also walked off with some of my plumbing fixtures. I have attempted to contact him by phone and left messages, but he fails to return my call. I quess he is to busy spending my money. I would not recommend that you hire Mark Floyd.
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Sorry folks my Dad is a complete *** hole , He has been like all of my life , my poor mom


Voted number 1 plumber in the Mongomery area. Tells alot about what type of work he does!!!!! Great job Mark.


Mark is a great gu. Honest and would recommend him anytime.

Personal vendetas are a simple shame. Look into this complaint posted by JDB before making a desicion not to hire Mark.


I find it highly unlikely that Mark Floyd would travel to Iowa. Get a life!


Mark treated my husband and very well. I would recomend him to my friends anytime.


the report is accurate...Mark is a *** man. DO NOT USE HIM....New const job and he was gone halfway through it.

Wont call back. The poster is correct.


Hope, why was he fire from the housing complex that he worked for?? Why has he walked off with other customer's funds?

He may have been honest and reliable at one time, but that time has pasted. He is a crook!


I totally disagree. Mark has done several jobs at my house and I am very pleased with his work and his professional manner.

You can tell right off the bat that he skilled and knowledgeable about his trade.

I will hire him anytime and recommend him to the Clarksville community. HM

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Ankeny, Iowa
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David L Ross Construction - David L. Ross Construction - Home contractor walked off the job

David L Ross Construction - David L. Ross Construction - Home contractor walked off the job
David L Ross Construction - David L. Ross Construction - Home contractor walked off the job
David L Ross Construction - David L. Ross Construction - Home contractor walked off the job
Update by user Jul 29, 2011

David L. Ross Construction is located in Indian Mound, Tn 37079, not Woodlawn, Tn.

Original review posted by user Jul 29, 2011
David L. Ross Construction(DLRC), Woodlawn, TN is an unlicensed construction contractor. DLRC signed a contract to provided turnkey construction of my new home. Under TN statute all construction contractors acting as a General Contractor for the construction of new residences are required to be licensed by the State of Tennessee. DLRC began construction and hired subcontractors. After one of his employees was injured on the job, I found out that DLRC did not carry Worker's Compensation, was not licensed by the state of Tennessee, and did not carry required liability insurance. When I requested confirmation of DLRC's License, Worker's Compensation, and Liability Insurance, he "quit" working and walked off the job. DLRC was not paying required withholding taxes on employees. The work completed by DLRS is substandard and I have incurred substantial expense having the framing work corrected. The subcontractors hired by DLRC, Heflin Roofing and Construction, and Yarbrough Electric Services were not carrying Worker's Compensation, and were not paying unemployment taxes. Use "Extreme Caution" when dealing with this individual.
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This is so funny!! I also am a contractor and alot of people dont realize homeowners are a nightmare.

Most states including mine dont reconize state liscensing. However this requires more inspections which is so much better for the contractor.

Homeowners become expert builders overnight. Amazes me why they just dont build the house themselves.


You obviously have way to much free time on your hands. I'm done with your childish games.

I will let the judge determine what is owed, and who should pay.

No response is required!


Thank you for proving your intelligence level. The correct spelling is Karma.


The truth will set you free!!!

Carma, Carma, Carma, don't you just love it!


First of all you are the one saying you live in Ia, and thank you I ahave already talked to your friends from Channel. Also the IRS.

For your information David is on the workmens compensation exemption list. Also the fact still remains YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR BILLS!!!


David L. Ross Construction Company (not really a company registered in Tennessee, not really a licensed contractor in Tennessee, not really paying workers compensation insurance required by law, and the list goes on and on) is to be carefully evaluated before one should agree to have him do any work for them.Merely a cautionary note.


I am inspired by your concern. Not sure what an individual in Iowa would know about an illegal contractor (David L. Ross Construction Company) in Indian Mound, TN, but I'm sure that the information provided by you is just as fake as the purses you sell.

See you in COURT.


Jan Black, you forgot to mention you have yet to pay for work preformed, let see the electrician, the roofer, framing, material used on the job not paid you owe Wallace supply around 40,000.00 oh yeah you wont even pay for your termite spray.


Give me a break, Jan Black. You forgot to mention you never paid a bill.

Never paid for the electrical, roofer,framing ect.

Everyone knows how much you owe Wallace Supply. 40,000.00

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Ankeny, Iowa