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Apple Customer Non-Service for iJunk

I'm on my 5th iPhone - all hardware problems - and here's how Apple expresses the 'sincerity' of their concern: Four more days [two weeks total since last contact, over a month since initial contact] and still no communication, no response, nothing. Apparently, it must be nice to be such a big company that it's no longer necessary to care even a little bit about those inconveniences called customers. At least I have good material for posting on blogs about Apple's customer [non-]service. Regards [Name] See following string re: Applecare Case 22644****: ============================================================ [7/15/2011] By way of recognizing Apple's sincerity as expressed through action - should I give up and no longer expect anything/a reply from Apple? [Name] [7/14/2011]Trying to get meaningful assistance or a timely response from Apple is ridiculous. My request is to have this assigned to someone who (1) actually cares; and (2) will follow-through as promised. Note - as of 7/14/2011, still no response/communication]. This all simply adds insult to injury - four junk iPhones, my fifth has some problems but your customer non-service, lack of quality control and policy of sending junk out the door to appease makes it not worth the trouble. [7/11/2011] Is about a week+ for response typical customer 'care'? It's your response rate so far........ With diminishing expectations fully met [Name] [7/5/2011]Hi, Laurie - So I took a look at several things, and like I said before, I pretty much have what I want [except I don't have my iPad anymore]. In fact, with two iPhones and two iPads and a bunch of related peripherals in the house, I'm still only really interested in replacing (with capacity upgrade) vs. getting 'more.' With that in mind, how about crediting me with half the cost to purchase a 64 gb wireless-only iPad? [6/28/2011] [Name], My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I have been on vacation recently. I can offer an item or accessories within about the 200.00 range. Anything there I can assist with? Or I can offer a eCoupon that would give 100.00 off the order of the Bowers & Wilkins Air speakers. Just let me know. Thanks! Best regards, Laurie Apple [6/25/2011] Laurie - I recall explaining that my request for Apple to do 'something' was more about the gesture demonstrating the sincerity and resolve of Apple's customer 'care' - I guess ten days without any response pretty much speaks for itself and answers that question. With ever-diminishing expectations [Name] [6/15/2011]Hi, Laurie – I went to the online Apple store to look for something I wanted as Apple's way of making all this hassle right, and came up with two selections: 1. My 32gb iPad was stolen from my car about two weeks ago, so replacing that would be great; or, 2. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air speakers. I have pretty much everything else I want. Thanks [6/14/2011] [Name], It was a pleasure to speak to you today. Everything we've discussed has been documented in the case 22644****. Feel free to call me if you have any questions and thank you again for choosing Apple. Regards, Laurie Apple 877-388-**** Ext 34180 [Note from [Name] - during this phone call, Laurie said I should go to the Apple Store and select something I wanted to 'make things right, without any limitation or otherwise explaining what I could or could not select].
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