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Whitesides, worst dealership ever!

I bought a 2002 suzuki vitara in december of 2009 from whitesides. I was only 19 and dididnt have much credit, I didn't have bad credit, but with no co-signer I had to go through their guaranteed credit approval program. they told me my payments would be 360 a month for two years with an interest rate of 24%. I would have turned this deal down, but my car was about to fall apart and I could get financed anywhere else. Since I got the car I have had numerous mechanical issues. Every time I call the service center they tell me my problem is covered under my warranty and when I come back to pick it up I have a huge bill because it wasn't covered. A few weeks ago it started making a clunking noise when I drove. Once again they told me it was covered. I took it to the shop and made them look everything up again before I handed over the keys. I found out I was 500 miles over my *** warranty so I would have to pay 300. I decided to take it to my mechanic and found out my entire frame, sub frame and control arms were rusted so bad it could fall apart at anytime. I called whitesides and after argueing for an hour about how this wasn't a year and a half of wear and tear they decided they would let me trade it in. I went to the dealership that day and filled out all the paperwork only to find out they wouldn't help me because I owed too much. I have a newborn baby I can't put in the car because I'm afraid it will fall apart. My credit is really good at this point but its going to be ruined in a few weeks because I am going to have them come repo the car. I refuse to pay such a high payment for a car I can't drive. My mechanic said it would take at least 3 grand to fix it so I don't know what else to do besides calling it a lost cause. Also the program I'm on is through credit acceptance coorp. If my payment is a day late they can switch the car off so I can't use it. 3 times since I've had it, they have shut it off even when the payment has been made. I am more stressed than I've ever been and I wouldn't reccomend this car dealership to anyone. They sell *** over priced cars to people who can't get financed anywhere else and then treat the customer like dirt!
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In hindsight, it probably would have been a good idea totake it to your mechanic before you bought it.

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