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Hudson Street Deli - Forced me to make humiliating apology for something I did not say

Hudson Street Deli, located at 68 Hudson Street, Providence, RI 02909, is now run by a woman whose first name is Rebecca. The business was opened by her and a wonderful man named Jimmy; the latter who everyone adored. He left the business because he could no longer deal with her. One day, I ordered a sandwich from a new employee (and Asian woman) who I'd never met before (the employee turnover is astronomical). Since it was taking a long time, I called to see if my order was ready, and asked for the new Asian woman as 'the short Asian woman', as no one wears name tags there. Several days later, I was ambushed by Rebecca and the Asian employee, who accused me of asking for her as 'the mean, fat Asian chick'. Of course, since I had to ask for her, it was not her who answered the phone. However, Rebecca and this woman insisted I apologize for what I supposedly said (according to the Asian employee). I tried to correct their understanding, but it was clear that was not what they wanted. I was in the midst of many customers, so this was supremely humiliating. And this from a store I gave so much business to! So, I began the demanded apology by saying, 'I'm so sorry you thought I said that', and was immediately stopped by Rebecca, being told (all of this very loudly so that all in the shop could hear) that what I was saying was not an apology. She would not let me go until I erroneously admitted to the false accusation, saying to the Asian woman, "I'm so sorry I called you a fat, mean Asian woman, but there is no way to identify any of you except by description since you don't wear name tags". I left feeling extremely humiliated. I have no problem apologizing for things I've done wrong, but I'd done nothing wrong! I have boycotted the shop for a very long time now. Today, I decided enough time had passed that Rebecca and I could put things behind us. When I went in, there was no Asian woman. I asked Rebecca where she'd gone, and was told she had left. Rebecca then turned her back on me. I asked one of her employees if I could speak with her, and he transmitted the request. I was made to wait a long time before she finally would speak with me. I told her again that what had happened was humiliating and wrong; that I had never said such a thing. All that she would say in response was, 'You can shop here if you like, or not shop here if you like'. Nothing was said about the incident, nor did I receive any sort of apology. The fear and hatred she obviously had of me poured out of her. I want to warn people about going in there. The prices are far too high in addition to the rudeness that is experienced. But perhaps others like it?
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I am so very happy other people are having good experiences there. It was meant to be a place where the neighborhood can come together.

For some reason, I have been treated by the owner as 'undesireable' since she took the business over. But I bless you and the business and pray it fulfills it's original intention.


So strange to me. I have had nothing but great service, and great sandwiches at Hudson St. Deli

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