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Colorado Property Management Group will scam you

Denver's Colorado Property Management Group is a total scam who robbed our family of its hard-earned money. We paid to have our Brackenridge property listed with Colorado Property Management Group for the 2010/2011 season, and they didn't even list our property in their trade magazine or on their website. My father signed up for the premium package based on the value of our condo.. They didn't do anything but take our money. When my father found out we were taken for over $12,000, he broke down and cried. I have never seen my father cry before and it shook me to my core. Please avoid Colorado Property Management Group, they are a scam.
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There we're two fire recently in my condo and CPMG stated they're going to raise the HOA dues in 2012 to cover the losses and recently they announced no recording devices in the meeting. What are they hiding?


CPMG deserves to have either criminal charges or a civil lawsuit filed against them. Their handling of the Townhome association I belong to is beyond awful.

I have had 2 cars towed, one was NOT tagged the required 48 hours before but they claimed it was and refuse to back me up, let alone reimburse me the $170 it cost me to get my car back, or the $200+ I lost in wages that day when I couldn't work (it was my personal vehicle I use for work). They are now trying to tow ANOTHER perfectly legally parked vehicle of mine. I will surely file a civil claim if they follow through.

I am also filing a complaint with the BBB. They have had 7 complaints in the last YEAR with the BBB.


:x Surely Colorado Property Management Group isn't the first company to start these scams and fraudulent actions.



Colorado Property Management Group is a horrible bunch of lying scammers, who will get their day - karma is a b&%$@


They are in charge of the maintenance at the condo I share with my step-brother and they are forever nickle and diming us over this and that.

Car parked the wrong way (front-facing out is the authorized way) = $$ fine.

Barking dog = $$ fine.

They are the worst property management group I have ever encountered, and its just too bad that the Colorado Property Management Group are in charge of such a nice building.



I heard about the Colorado Property Management Group as well, and I think they're just out to scam whoever is unlucky enough to do business with them.

The BBB should shut them down.

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