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Selfbuild Ireland - Left the job unfinished and trouble with contractors

We employed a company called SELFBUILD IRELAND.IE.To build an extension to our house this company markets itself as taking all the hassle out of home building by supplying all the tradesmen you need for your build he negotiates all prices on your behalf.Mr Peter Kavanagh who runs this company promises to deal with all contractors but went on the missing list and would not respond to e,mails or telephone when a problem arose with a skip company who then threatened my wife saying Peter Kavanagh said he had had been in touch with us when he had not causing untold trouble in our house also its now seven months later and the job is unfinished c
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Is his correct name Peter Cavanagh? And is he based out of Brooklyn?

I am starting renovations next month and want to make sure this is not the same contractor. Thank you for any help or assistance.

@Anonymous 77

In Ireland


Done work for this lad a long time ago.Stay away simple as.

This guy screws everyone,Tradesmen suppliers,customers his own staff the lot.I Could tell you some stories that would make your hair stand on end.If some of the stuff he has done was found out he would go to prison.The work is badly done towards the end because the guys doing the work are usually owed money or left short and have no choice but to skimp on time and quality or materials.

I still have contact with some of his previous customers and have had to rectify a lot of work since.Trust me there is some horror stories i could tell.How he is still in business i do not know.And as for the tax man,well that is another issue.Say away from this guy.Get quotes from Builders,Plumbers,Carpenters,Architects whatever.Check there work,get references,ask to look at previous work.Any reliable tradesmen will have no issue with this.Simple as.He is ***.


We have the exactly the same problems in 2015!

Peter promises you the earth in order to get the job but then doesn't answer the phone, does not do any planning in relation to budget but simply picks figures out of the air. Budget meets are a joke as they change on a daily basis and he simply blames the tradesmen but it is because he is not on site and is not managing the project.

He leaves you to check the tradesmen work and deal with them when they want more money which they always do as Peter underestimates everything.

Our project is way over budget, several months behind schedule and Peter has disappeared...So save yourself a lot of time, money and stress and get a reputable project manager or building contractor as it will cost you less in the long run.



Is this contractor Peter Cavanagh from Brooklyn. Starting renovations next month want to make sure this is not the guy you are talking about. Thank you for any advice.


Mr Kavanagh sells you the world, like any smiling assassin! Is only interested in his side of the story, getting paid and losing interest in the job towards the end.

Uncontactable almost all of the time. Takes the side of the tradesman, contrary to what he's supposed to do and look after you.

My advice, get a proper architect and good builder. You pay for it in the end!


I've also had dealings with PK. The man is a fraud. Stay away, that's my advice.

@Mr Genuine

All very similar stories , unfinished job, check, problems with all aspects of work, check, brings in cowboys, check, pay to get someone else to clear up the unsafe work, check, Uncontactable throughout and a basic liar, do yourselves a favour look for someone else, your budget will thank you for it


Do you happen you still have his contact details. I'm having issues and need to contact him. The office number sounds like it is engaged all the time.


he still on the go around dublin doing a job in cabra and stillorgan

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