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The summerlin house screwed me out of time and money

worst experience of my life! Joyce (establishment owner) promised my husband and I the world until we signed the contract, which just happened to not include the verbal agreement we had. After that it would take pulling teeth just to get the woman to respond to my emails and never ever answered her phone. we live an hour away and making appointments with her was close to impossible, she wouldn't try and work with us. Our first appointment with her she didn't even show up and when we tried MULTIPLE times to email her, she finally wrote back to reschedule and would not even acknowledge the fact that she didn't show for her own appointment. During said next appointment another couple showed up and she had no recolection of making an appointment with them and even lightly joked "well im glad i didn't leave ha ha". Joyce told us to come ten minutes early over email for about four appointments and when we would get there she would look at me like you *** and say why are you here so early? We were told in the begining that the floral was included in the contract but of course it didnt end up in the signed contract and we had to come up with the money for flowers. Half the flowers that we paid for we never got. It's just excuse after excuse with this woman and she still hasn't refunded me my money for missing floral going on two months after wedding. She is so rude, I was so embarrassed for our wedding rehearsal Joyce was rushing everyone and bossing my family around so bad that multiple members of my family (after my apologizing for exposing them to this woman) came to me and said that it was obvious she is all about the money and we all felt like we were on an assembly line. After ten minutes of "rehearsal" we were rushed out and told we had to leave property because she had somewhere else to be.
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My daughter was married there last October and we also experienced a nightmare with Joyce. She did not honor what was was written in her contract and I intend on taking her to small claims court as well.

I hired my own Bridal Consultant just to keep Joyce from being involved. I would not do business with this woman please stay away from The Summerlin House. She came to the reception and her and her boyfriend ended up getting totally trashed on our alcohol. She also tooke pictures of my daughter from her facebook and placed them on her facebook as a satisfied customer we had to contact her to take the pictures down as she did not have permission to post them on her facebook.

She made what was suppose to be a wonderful experience for my daughter and made it a nightmare. Please BEWARE!!!!!


Do a background check on Joyce and will see she far from being an angel.


My fiancee' and I are "suppose" to get married there also. Since the agreement was signed Aug 11, Joyce has not contacted but one time.

I am going to Smalls Claim Court also taking this issue to the news so other brides and grooms do not get shafted. If you would like to contact me, you can at 704-674-****. I want to get as many complaints from other people who had bad experiences with The Summerlin House and Joyce. Your help in this issue will be appreciated by me and others in the near future.

Thank you. Harold


I am not sure why ANYBODY would ever consider this venue as a wedding location! Not only did Joyce decide to create her own details on the wedding DAY OF, but if we back up to where the deposit was given-she was MIA after that.

Literally had to be tracked down to then give an attitude, call not only the bride to be but her mother all sorts of names on the phone such as "your such a needy ***". Unprofessional and crazy is what Joyce is.

Fast forward to the wedding-she got the wrong dance floor size and color, the linen on the table looks like it was balled up from god knows how long and it was all wrinkled and looked *** Details such as spray painting flowers on garbage cans 2 hours before the wedding wasn't even the tackiest move of all. She gave a TOUR of the venue AN HOUR before the ceremony took place-this lady has lost her god *** mind and I really really REALLY hope nobody puts themselves through an event with her.

I would rather have seen my friend get married anywhere but here. BEST PART-the DJ was just about done playing his last song when she was literally throwing out drinks, picking up chairs and saying "ITS OVER GO HOME, LEAVE I DONT HAVE TIME TO DEAL WITH WALKING AROUND YOU PEOPLE"...aww isn't that a great impression to leave your guests with remembering?


Joyce at the Summerlin house is a complete nightmare. I can not believe that she is still in business.

Same story as above, once you book the venue you can never get ahold of her and she is very rude. She can't remember from one day to the other what she tells you.

She makes promises and does not follow through on them even includes services in her contract of which she does not provide. Stay clear from this place it is not worth the aggrivation and stress this woman puts you through she is very unprofessional.



While I applaude your attempting to defend Joyce, I believe the potential customers should do additional research on this woman/venue. Upon further research, I found that not only has she been sued by her vendors for not paying but also the venue is in the process of being evicted. I would have real concern if I have booked an event there for the near future.


I have worked with Joyce many times and I find it hard to believe any of this to be true. Joyce has always been a stickler about appointments and going out of her way to help a couple in need, even spending her own money to make the weddings she has facilitated go perfect.

It's too bad and unfortunate that people can bad mouth other people with out any evidence to back their allegations up. I came across this post and know Joyce and have worked with her enough to know these claims are absolutley fraudulent and its just people trying to squeeze money out of an honest person.


Please post on rip off report and join others like you who have recently been victim to Joyce Adams and the Summerlin House.

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