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DUVALS RESTAURANT - DUVALS REST. Conned disabled USAF retiree out of $90,000.+

Duvals restaurant in Sarasota Florida is the direct result of Cecilia Allison "CeCi" and Donald E. Duval Jr. cleverly CHEATING my family out of over $90,000. they owed on a restaurant they were buying from us. After using our noted name of Dejavu, our Gulf Gate location and the new equipment we had put in, for over 3 years without cleaning any of it, ever! They moved out in the middle of the night owing us over $90,000. We even had to tell the landlord. He was really upset and took it out on us. It took us almost a month and over $2,000.00 in attorney fees to get our filthy, mostly unusable equipment back. That is what they didn't steal. They even stole our silverware! The rats and cockroaches and bugs were overrunning the place and it was the filthiest place we have EVER seen. How could any establishment get this bad in 3 years? None of the equipment was kept up or cleaned. The fur on the refrigerator coils showed that they had never been cleaned since they moved in. The ice maker,,, I don't even want to go there! I am surprised any of the equipment even ran at all. It was spotless when they moved into it. Did I mention USAF clean! And after we found out where they ran off to they lied right to our faces " No we aren't going to ***." Nice scam, huh! It was convenient that they let their corporate name expire so they didn't have to declare and pay for a corporate bankruptcy, just personal. It seems very strange to us how,that before the ink was dry and the bankruptcy was complete they filed for the corporate name of Duvals from the state of Florida. And can you believe where they opened their new restaurant the DAY AFTER the bankruptcy was finalized.... three short blocks away, at the end of the street we live on!!!!!! We go past these *** ARTISTS several times a day taking our daughter to school. Or really driving anywhere. We feel very incensed when we think that the $50,000. or so that they put into revitalizing this restaurant could have gone into what they owed us and our daughters education and living. The antics of these two *** ARTISTS totally ruined our life and finances and what we had worked so hard to acheive. I really wonder how Donald Duval and Cecilia Allison Duval came up with the money to revamp this restaurant. It really needed abut $50,000 worth, when just days before they were flat broke and couldn't pay us a single dime of what these *** ARTISTS owed us. And the rent was about the same as the rent and payment they were paying us. Really, how do these people sleep at night?? How did they hide all that money from the state? The IRS? Hmmmm... Please tell all your friends about these *** ARTISTS of Donald Duval and Cecilia Duval and what they have done to a Proud Disabled USAF Retiree and his family. Please go anywhere other than this restaurant. This is a true and accurate complaint against Donald Duval and Cecilia Allison Duval and Duvals Restaurant in Sarasota, Florida.
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The Duvals are at it again. I wonder who and for how much they stole from their last adventure.

They STOLE over $90,000 from us when they went bankrupt on us for the business they were buying from us Deja Vu. Yes, they claimed they couldn't pay us because their business was so bad and walked out on the $90,000 they owed us. Then before the ink was dry on the bankruptcy papers they opened another place. Now this one.

Hmmmm. wonder where they keep getting all this money to open new restaurants??? Business partners beware, They are out to get you!!! They are lying, cheating,no good *** people!!

I just found out they somehow conned another couple out of $800,000.

to open the Main street store. Poor suckers.


I think you should know, Ceci was fired from Duvals downtown in 2011 and Donald "Wes" Duvals was released from employment in 2012. they entered into a partnership, but quickly lost their ownership for a number of reasons.

Today, they operate "Off the Hook" in Gulf Gate. We'll see how long that lasts.


I'd like to know more about this. They have since moved from the space on 41 to downtown.

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