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AutoNation Mazda Spokane - AutoNation Mazda - Spokane- RIP OFF

I purchased a truck from these people on Aug. 17th 2013. They treated me great while I was buying the truck, told me what wonderful customer service they had, and if I had any problems to contact them and they would take care of it, customer satisfaction was there number one goal. Well, I have had this truck for 45 days, it's had to already go in to the shop for repairs. I was told when I bought the truck it was a bumper to bumper warranty, not the case. The warranty would not cover any of my repairs needed but one. I contacted AutoNation about this I was promissed calls back I never recieved, I was told they don't treat there customers like this, but they do, they did absolutely nothing about repairs needed to my truck. Then on top of all of this I find out from a previous owner of the vehicle that it was involved in a accident. The car fax was clear and still is, but the fact is that the vehicle was still in a accident which required a lot of repair, and I paid full book price for a vehicle that was not suppose to have had any accidents. I went to AutoNation to talk to them about this and was told they are not liable for any of this. Great customer service when you tell them you sold me a vehicle at full, premium condition, book price when it was not. They said they could trade me out of it, they tried to stick me with $6000 negative equity for a truck I bought 45 days earlier. When I started questioning everything and got a bunch of double talk about depreciation ect, I told the sales person, " don't take this personal or directed towards you, but I feel like I am getting totally *** screwed. The sales person jumped up and said I am not going to be swore at and left. I have a witness to all of this, from the time of purchase to the last talk with them. When it comes down to it, I am paying 25,000 for a truck that has problems they wont fix, and is worth a lot less than they sold it to me for. The customer service has been the most horrific customer service I have ever encountered, and all they care about is getting your money in the first place, after that you are on your own. My family has bought 8 or 9 vehicles from these people over the last ten years, and this is the way they treat that loyalty. I strongly encourage others to shop for there next vehicle any where else but AutoNation Mazda.
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I am sorry about your issues about AutoNation. I have the same issues at you except I have no working car. I am willing to take your complaint to the appropriate parties.

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Spokane, Washington
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Alligator Performance rip off

Update by user Jul 14, 2011

I would like to update my post, After posting here about Alligator Performance I recieved a Call and was told the person who treated me like *** is no longer working there and they have refunded my shipping charges. I dont want this post to reflect on everyone who works there, there was just a bad apple in the bunch, I am working with a guy there, who has been extremely helpful, and has assured me all my complaints and problems will be taken care of.

He has gone out of his way to help me, and thats what customer service is suppose to be like. So as of this point I am being taken care of and they are fixing my problems, furthermore I have been assured that customers wont be treated like this in the future, and never should have been to start with.

Original review posted by user Jul 01, 2011
I would strongly suggest that anyone who deals with diesel performance parts to buy anywhere except Alligator performance. I just spent $1700 dollars with them and had some parts overnighted to get my truck running for the Fourth of July weekend and they totaly dropped the ball. I had to call them time after time with the promise that I would get a call back, and I did not. To make a long story short, I did not get my parts when I was suppose to and it ruined my weekend since my truck could not run. I tried to cancell my order with them so I could get my parts some where else and they said they were going to charge me 10% even though I did not have my parts yet. I paid $77 dollars to overnight my parts which were not and they would not refund that as well. They did not even try to make there mistake right in any way, they could have removed the shipping charge, let me cancell the order and get the parts I needed some where else, or done something to make a customer happy, but they did not. They knew my truck was down and I had to have these parts but obviously did not care. This was the worst customer service I have ever had and I would not deal with this company again if they were the last company on earth. Just a word of advice to anyone out there, they will treat you great till they get your money, and then your on your own with any problems you have
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I would highly recommend not doing business with Alligator Performance. They are extremely arrogant, unprofessional and extremely rude in every since.

They are overpriced compared to other Diesel Aftermarket parts Companies.

Buyer Beware. Tim and Dalton are acuple of arrogant immature babies.


Alligator does NOT honor their claims and do not care about customer service. I recently purchased a product and came upon the same product (identical, manufacture authorized seller, everything) and Alligator claimed they were not legit and even implied I was lying about the price.

I called the company, which is UT based and spoke to the owner and he told me the following: "Yes, we are authorized and yes the sale we are offering is authorized, and yes the factory warranty would be honored." In fact, the guy claimed this behavior is typical of Alligator as they use the same distributor!!! What?

Moral of the story, Alligator will attempt to undercut their competition with lies, not fulfill their promises, and God only knows what they would do to your rig if you allow them to work on it. BEWARE!!

@Stay away

What is this product you are speaking of? We would like to get to the bottom of this because it sounds like information was getting mixed up.


Why don't you cry babys actually go in and talk to some one? There is a thought instead of jumping on the Internet and crying to no one who is even going to help you.

If you don't like the fact that the guy behind the desk chews guess what it is an automotive shop get over it or tell him you don't appreciate it.

The problem with all you people today is you love to light up everyone over the Internet and never confront them face to face, I bet you have the best facebooks. Grow up go in and talk to the person you are having the issue with otherwise get over it.

@Alligator customer

Typical Alligator BS. Really tough guys over the Internet but cowards when your face to face. Overpriced and under qualified to be a retailer.

@Alligator customer

WHAT a SFB This is a interweb company Right IM going to drive 2800 miles , how about thinking before you speak ***...


I called and always get the run around. Chad Hall you are an *** to keep Josh and Colton around.

My guess is those two are related to you or you are just plain *** and don't care about your customers. WARNING!!!! Call anyone else before you do business with Alligator Performance.

My guess is they are on the *** of BANKRUPTCY and can only afford to hire people at $3.00 an hour for customer service. :zzz


Josh answers the phone and is dummer than ditch water. Colton is the guy who is always going to call you back.

I ordered a specific part and they shipeed the wrong one. I took pictures and returned it to them. TWO MONTHS LATER and over 15 phone calls and I still couldn't get the part, a return phone call, or a refund. I am still trying to get a refund.

I ordered the part from e-bay, got it in 3 days,and it was 50 bucks cheaper. *** ALLIGATOR PERFORMANCE!!!


I work at a local shop near alligator performance and all I can say is they are an utter disappointment. We have made many thousand dollar purchases only for our products to be forgotten about even after numerous phone calls and over night shipping.

They always ended up sitting on their desks with no return calls. Their customer service is lousy.

Not too mention the guy behind the counter in the front office chews and spits into a dip cup in front of customers. Very unprofessional.


My truck is down too. I put in a order with Alligator Performance on 8/04/11 .

I ll let you know how it goes. I made orders with two other performance shops the same day, got my stuff 8/08/11. One sent UPS and the other was by USPS. Not bad 4 days.

Am try n to get a tracking number or even a ship confirmation.

This is not a weekend hobby project ,I need my truck . Lady at (Alligator Performance)said she d call me back today.

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