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Uncle Bucks - Uncle Buck's Party Tyme Rental Sucks!

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Nothing has happened except the owner advised that if there were any negative comments about his service, he would SUE US!!!!!!!


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Son decided to get married in my back yard and started shopping tents/tables/chair/etc. rentals.Finally finding a company that would come out and and do site plan for estimate, Uncle Bucks was the best! On paper only! Set up day was Wednesday prior to Saturday wedding. Supposed to call before coming. No Call! First day set up was sloppy. Stakes came put and it was more important for employees to argue over being under paid than to install correctly. Verification of contract found stained linens, stained chairs, missing plate/silverware count, Garage draping was too short and Crew chief had no clue how to rectify until my son showed him how to do it. Second day found them coming out 2 hours late to fix dance floor. Third day had them coming out to deliver replacement chairs and missing dishes (of course no call prior to arrival...driver thought it wasn't important enough to remember!) Day of wedding we had to have the owner come out to repair tent lighting who had the audacity to ask the best man if he had tools he could borrow as he didn't want to walk back to car to get his own. NOT! Pick up day was to be Monday post ceremony but they had worked too many long, hard days to send out a crew to dismantle and pick up! Really? Now after all of this do you think that my son received one credit or extra something for the time and trouble? Nope! Actually they tried to charge him extra delivery costs for their mistakes and did charge him extra for a larger dance floor even though their crew and design staff messed up. So I am not happy with this company and how they treated the Bride and Groom...........never would recommend UB!
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by Uncle Buck


The owners and staff of Uncle Buck's are committed to assist their clients in creating cherished and pleasant memories from their events. Clients have a varying degree of anxiety over their event, and we at Uncle Buck's do the best we can to make things run smoothly. Whether it is foul weather or aggravation from another source, we do what we can to make each event a success.

Uncle Buck's has been in business since 1985 and we have over 10,000 satisfied customers. In providing services, we exercise our best efforts to make each individual event a success. We appreciate our customers and look forward to assisting them and new clients in "making a memory" for their special event.

Uncle Buck's Management


1. Generally, when we install and retrieve items from a rental we do not provide specific times of entry and exit.

Busy, changing schedules especially in the summer make this impossible to do. We normally provide a "morning" or "afternoon" delivery commitment. 2. The installers followed our client approved plan and physically laid-out the tents on the ground before erecting them.

My installers asked the client to approve the placement of the tents three (3) times and three (3) times the customer gave them the OK for set-up. A set-up of this magnitude took five men approximately 4-5 hours to complete. When the customer decided the next day that they would like to move the tent a "couple of feet over", it would have required all the work to be disassembled and reassembled. We indicated that we would do so however, an additional fee for rework would be needed.

The customer was not happy. 3. All items as ordered were delivered on the planned delivery day. The customer decided to enlarge the dance floor after seeing the installation.

To do so required additional flooring and another visit and the labor of two installers the second day. The customer also refused to pay for the additional dance floor and labor to disasemble the floor and reinstall it. 4. The customer complained that we did not deliver a quantity of china so, we delivered additional china.

When we picked up the order, we found all the china including the additional china that the customer had complained about us not delivering originally. They had merely misplaced it. 5.

The customer complained about the length of pipe and drape that we provided, complaining that it was too short. We explained the physical size of the drape before they agreed to its' use.


I used Uncle Buck's for my wedding in June. They only looked good on paper.

I was perfectly happy with my contract and my layout on paper with the picture of how things were going to look. The day they arrived to drop things off they didn't call even though I spoke to the owner the day before and she assured me they would call when they were on their way so I could wrangle up the 3 children I had in my care and make sure they'd be taken care of while I supervised the set up. They didn't follow the set up of the tents, even though they had a diagram with measurements and landmarks pinpointing exactly where things were supposed to go. They came out 4 days in a row just to deliver what we needed when it was supposed to be a one day thing.

They lied to me when I questioned where the rest of the items were, used my husband to help them set up the draping in the garage because they couldn't figure it out themselves, and even came out 2 hours before my ceremony began to fix something that should have been fixed long before that. They were a day late picking up everything and left their mess of zip ties on the lawn until my mother-in-law asked them to take care of them and even so she had to go back when they left to make sure they were gone. They were great on paper and I was super excited to see how things turned out, but there is a definite miscommunication between the people in the office and the people in the field. What was drawn out on my layout wouldn't work in real life, causing me to rearrange the set up of my wedding after months of planning.

We were not offered an apology for the missing items (which, when finally delivered the day before the wedding, didn't match the rest of the dishes), no apology for the inconvenience of not calling any of the 4 days they were delivering our items, we were not offered a discount or refund for our troubles, or even given a goodbye 3 out of the 4 days they were there.

That's just unprofessional. I'm glad the other reviewers on here had good experiences, but we were not impressed.

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