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Treasures Houston Ripped Me Off!

I came to a strip club to enjoy dancers not *** all the girls got mad i did not ***. I finally go upstairs with one and she rips me off for $1,000 dollars saying we had sex after i complained to manager. I did nothing but honest strippers word vs mine wins. How does a brothel operate in houston, ridiculous. I wish the city of houston would shut this place down, prostitution is illegal. How does the owner and management sleep with themselves at night, they are all bad people and crooks. Gentleman's Club and *** house are 2 different businesses
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Your post makes no sense. You either misrepresented the facts, or you just made this story up to get back at the club, for some reason.

They ripped you off for $1,000 dollars, under the premise that the money was owed in payment for an illegal activity, which would have taken place in their club?

One call to the police would have shut that operation down, and put the manager, the girl, and anyone else that had a hand in the scheme in jail. The club would have been shut-down, as well.


I worked Treasures Vegas and it all starts at the top. Owners to general manager.

3 for 100 are common in many clubs, problem is that when dancers rip off the customers, Treasures does nothing to get customers money back. The standard line is it's their money and they are independent contractors we can't do anything about it. Well, they are responsible for their independent contractors and when club policy is to have the girls get paid up front and the customer does what he is told then dancer walks out without doing dances or just sits there trying to hustle him for more, they did not perform the service of dancing. It's all about the dancers cutting the money up with the hosts and managers.

There are many avenues of this and as i said it starts at the TOP! The same dancers do it over and over and do not get fired. Treasures Vegas provides little to no security for the waitresses and dancers.

The General Manager does not want security because it makes the load of cutting tips up among more people and since his cut is big and he is hiding in dining room or office and never deals with physical confrontations he could care less about the safety of staff and customer's. The industry does not have to be that way, it's who is in charge that controls those type of situations.


Don't use a credit card here. They're known for running up all kinds of charges on credit cards without your consent.

Stay away from girls who charge 3 for a $100 for dances. They're the ones who are the *** artists and try to rip guys off and get them to use credit cards. Often times, they won't even do 3 songs. They'll just do 2 and a half and stop. There's a thin blonde in particular like this who works there every night.

Treasures is different from other businesses. The moment you walk in, you're on your own. The managers, bouncers, waitresses, and dancers are all against you. Everyone is a ***. There's a reason the city of Houston nearly destroyed them.


I worked there and this is not a fake post. Happens all the time. We work it out with the hostess and split in thirds. A third for me, a third for the house, and a third for the hostess.

But the hostess runs the cards and is known for scimming from the girls. We don't know how much she runs. If you ask me she is the biggest crook in the place. Arranges for the girls to ***, gets drugs, Viagra etc.

Treasures is a whorehouse, I have since turned my life around. Buy have very bad memories of working there. If they ever do a raid for more than publicity they should focus on the crooks behind the scenes.


somebody from houston city hall probably wrote this. :zzz

the problem with this place is the racist *** artists who work there, not the owners. why don't you ID them and pop them for repeated DWIs as they leave. those charges will stick.

you are welcome.

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