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Mayo Clinic - Mayo's excuses and reluctance to safely manage chronic pain

Yes, I have made a few mistakes and I am willing to pay the price but Mayo still gets away with EVERYTHING. I suffer from an auto-immune connective tissue disorder which is extremely painful. I have done EVERYTHING Mayo has asked including immuno-suppressant therapy with drugs like Humira, Methotrexate and other dangerous and potent DMD's (disease modifying drugs). No one thought ahead on this one and even presented the idea that DMD's for non-terminal diabetics would be very unsafe as I am not dying of cancer, I have a *** disease that requires pain management. Until SCIENCE/MEDICINE comes up with a better, more effective treatment then I expect my pain to be appropriately managed. This is why nursing homes were so out of control. Do ANY of these people actually possess any common sense? Who is drug testing staff in these places as well as Physicians who have endless access to these medications/drugs? Testing patients who suffer endlessly for things such as Marijuana is foolish and a complete waste of time and money. The next time an American wonders "where the *** is all the money going"? Think about wasting money senselessly drug testing chronic pain patients. This is only a convenient excuse for denying pain patients who have tried EACH AND EVERY OTHER THERAPY with near death results and excuse to deny them pain medication. When I asked my Doctor "why am I getting tested"? He replied "it is our rules". This again is selective and intrusive as not EVERYONE gets drug tested when the go into the hospital or elsewhere for treatment so this POLICY violates many things- Freedom of choice, privacy and numerous, countless other things so for Mayo to use this as an excuse is a complete violation of EVERYTHING it means to be a free and democratic society. Until Mayo realizes this they will continue to waste TAXPAYER and INSURANCE providers dollars on foolish testing. When Doctors, Nurses, Physicians Assistants as well as everyone else with access to prescription drugs as well as numerous, endless other substances decide on a fair and equitable policy I will refuse to allow this senseless behavior. I really DO NOT DO DRUGS. I try to refrain from alcohol as it has some serious, x even deadly interactions with pain medicine. But, I will not allow Mayo to do anything other than test me for the medications I am supposed to be taking. This is reasonable, well thought out and not simply "REACTIONARY" as Mayo is so GOOD at being. See something wrong, find the easiest and least factual reason to blame this "thing" on. Look at the so called "OXY" epidemic- Most of the medication is coming from Nursing Homes, as well as patients going to the Emergency Room where they CANNOT be denied medication- regardless. NO one denies someone with a broken arm pain medication, even if they broke that arm due to there own negligence or lack of control. Someone like me who has selflessly tried EVERY POSSIBLE OPTION, just wants to live the life that they have left- without needless and intrusive drug testing. Prisons are LOADED with drugs and we are wasting time and money foolishly testing pain patients for pot. Test me for anything else- yet still it is a waste of money. The only thing I even possibly be tested for is my medication- and even then I have never sold or diverted my pain medication to the street. Someday. doctors and especially Mayo Clinic will get a sudden TASTE OF REALITY. This usually happens when someone they love or care about gets caught up in there own foolish policies- that is when these idiots start to actually think about whether these policies are based on COMMON SENSE or simply PREJUDICE AND BIAS. Get a firm hold on REALITY Mayo because ROCHESTER AND AMERICA BY FAR HAVE MUCH BIGGER AND MORE COMPLICATED AND DANGEROUS ISSUES TO SPEND TAXPAYERS MONEY ON- Thomas Grinnell
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Went to Mayo in MN to have altar sound of both my breasts. They would only do the left breast!!

Told them I flew a long distance. To please do both breast. I would even pay for the right beast altar sound. They refused.

Some departments are good at Mayo. Some are very bad.

I will go to M D Anderson in Houston from now on. Also for dermatology, I would go to Yale New Haven Med.

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Rochester City, Minnesota
  • Mayo nonsense about patient first
  • Psychology versus family medicine
  • When mayo actually practices medicine
  • Mayo refusal to be responsible for anything
  • Mayo trying to blame patients
  • Nurses who unethically hassle patients
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Good nurses and others who care without descriminating
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Golden LivingCenters - Abuse, neglect and unlawful sedation to prevent facts from being delivered

Circa 2012 I was in Golden Living where my computer was illegally and constantly monitored so my personal privacy was violated. I was sexually abused by a roommate and IF staff were actually doing their jobs these things would not have happened. I am not talking about everyone on staff as there certainly are some good nurses and aides it is just the acts of the bad ones far outweigh the good ones. If staff would not have been constantly wasting their time monitoring my computer they could have actually been taking care of patients but apparently I was much more "entertaining". It would take all of five minutes for me to identify the responsible staff as there were only a few. I DO CLEARLY REMEMBER MANY GOOD STAFF AS WELL SO PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME - things do need to change though and the type of "mistakes" that overtly happened I HAVE NEVER SEEN HAPPEN BEFORE. I know things happen but I also know the look on the faces of guilty persons when they screw up or intentionally do something. Since I always have to be held accountable for things I do as a patient then why are professionals not held accountable? I am in the process of contacting every possible news source to get this problem out to the public/people where this information belongs and if some good comes out of it then I will be forever grateful as no human being deserves this kind of treatment. Thomas Grinnell - Rochester, Mn.
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Rochester, Minnesota
Golden Livingcenters Adult Care
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Bad quality