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Kirby Carpet Cleaning - Very slick scam

I'm kicking myself that I fell for his "free one room carpet cleaning; no charge, no tipping, all we ask is that you tell your friends about us and our newest store that just opened in xxxx city." He handed me the business card with address of "new store" and I agreed that he come back in half an hour. DUMB! "J" returned, reeking of cigarette smoke, and when I saw him lugging the boxes in, I knew this was no carpet cleaning but a demonstration of an expensive product. At that point, I was a captive audience, as "J" quickly whipped out parts of machinery, adding a cloth and running the brush over one sofa cushion. He then pulled it out to show---voila! A huge pile of dirt. Same thing with one swoop over a carpet strip. Lots of dirt. I'm not the cleanest person but I was suspicious at that point. He gave the cost of the system (4K) and when I said no way would we do that, he asked for a pen and paper and started writing down discounts: "You're over 65! You have a pet!" etc. until the "price" came down to $1900." He asked for something to drink, so I offered him an ice tea and a Pepsi. He put both of them in his pocket. He asked what I was impressed with so far (about the demonstration) and I truthfully said, "Nothing!" He said that he had xxx kids and was trying to win a trip to xxxx. I told him he needed to wrap up his presentation as an hour had gone by. Ironically, I had to put my dog in another room, and he PEED all over my carpet! Not his fault!) "J" asked inappropriate questions such as "Are you and your husband going to have any more kids?" and "Do you get to make financial decisions, or does your husband have to sign off?" He finally packed up after seeking that I was not going to buy anything. Asked if I had any matches (I didn't, but handed him a taper) to light a cigarette. He also commented, "Some lady didn't buy anything, but she gave me $100 anyway! I got xxx kids!" (But, "no tipping" right?) His partner drove up to get him, and the phony business card as well as the paper he wrote all my "discounts" on, mysteriously were gone. I get it that he's trying to earn money, win a trip, and that no one is gonna let someone in their house if they say they have a 4K product to sell (thus, the "carpet cleaning." But I draw the line with the blatant lie about a nonexistent business location (Good thing I have a memory for detail and I knew the address on the card did not exist). And geez, don't do "business calls" stinking to high heaven! Hope I spared someone else an hour of their life they will never get back. For shame, Kirby!
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