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Pizzeria Ortica - Racist Staff

Racist. Will not show my face here again. We walked in and we greeted with wide eyes. Why? Then they proceeded to seat every other party before seating us making us wait 30-40 minutes while everyone else- including people who came after us waited 15-20. They were polite enough in speech, but in action it was obvious that they wanted us to leave. When the check came, I put my credit card down to pay for my 3 friends and put the holder on the edge of the table so they could take, swipe my card and we could go. After picking up the holder the server proceeds to go around to each of us and ask if we want to split the check on multiple cards. Why? Before we ate they asked us if we were in the area because of an event and we explained to them that we were going to a concert and that it started at 8. Well after we had paid the bill, we chatted a bit because we were not concerned with getting to the concert on time and the server comes over to us to inform us that it's 8:00 and we're missing our concert. Why? Icing on the cake: during our meal a woman who was eating at the restaurant comes up to us puts her hand on my shoulder and the shoulder of my white friend sitting next to me and says, "I'm so glad to see a white person hanging out with black people." and then turns to the other 3 black women at the table and says, "which is worse, to be black or a woman." I prefer not to think of my race and my sex as a handicap- thank you. Racism is alive and well and this place clearly demonstrated it.
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World Financial Group - Time Is More Valuable Than Money

I signed up to start working with WFG a few months ago because I was really impressed with the products they sell and the potential to make money seemed to be pretty high. I still agree with the main product and as a consumer may continue to do business with them. However, becoming an agent is a totally different story. People were so nice to me before I signed up and was still checking the place out. As soon as I got started I realized that they were not completely honest with me about the time commitment. They were not completely honest with me about what "Basic Training" was and they were soo demanding of the little free time that I had, it was ridiculous. They reel you in by telling you that you're going to be an entrepreneur, but as soon as you get on board there's required meetings, required conference calls, required seminars, required conferences and other things. My "team leader" whatever that means, would call as late as 11pm and continue calling if I didn't answer. I had to call him out and after I did we were fine, but I should not have to tell someone that. I would bring a guest to a meeting and if I showed up without that guest the next time everyone would be hounding me about that person and their decision and I felt like they were putting so much pressure on me to produce. A few people even had attitudes with me if the people I invited didn't join or commit to anything! Frankly, I think the people are obnoxious and they require entirely too much effort for something doesn't monetize right away if you're working with limited spare time. If you're unemployed, maybe this is a great option for you, but if you already have full-time employment, if you sign up with WFG, work will be your life.
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all of you are crazy! this is the old wma scam in 1990's.


@ dro i couldnt agree more! i have had a job that provided a w2 for more than 10 years and all my hard work made someone else rich!

there is always someone at the top that is making money off all the people who think they have no options. to become someone on the top and help others to also have the same leverage isnt a bad way to help people.

its not easy either, not by all means. but if you see yourself doing more with resources at your disposal and plan and prepare, instead of your bosses planning and preparing then telling you what to do making them rich, you have more oppertunity for your bigger dreams than just a paycheck where others are deducting from your money before you even deposit it into your account.


I have to agree with Sarah. If you are unemployed and the only people who call you back for employment are overly nice and have stains on their shirts and they smell like smoke or an ash-tray, RUN!

RUN FAST to the unemployment line where people aren't overly nice and no one smokes and no one has stains on their shirt or pants. RUN to the soup kitchen where no one smells like an ash-tray but are always showered and shaved and smelling like a spring day after rain. WFG people are just too nice to be real, right? And anyone with a stain on his shirt must be a scam artist.


Right??? If you don't believe me you might be a candidate for $6,000/month income.


I agree with you about every one being so happy and chairful. What i've realized in this life is that alot of people talk the talk of wanting to be financially ok and freedom from debt but when it comes to walking the walk its another story.

PEOPLE! To become successful is alot of work and when you have people ready to help you get therE EMBRASS it.

Bill Gates does not work by himself, Donald Trump does not work by himself the all have a distribution channel. You can only be successful by having alot of money working for you and alot of people working for you and with you.



Have you ever played sports at the championship level? If so, you would know that strong leadership is required in order to reach your ultimate potential.



Maybe you're just not used to people being positive, energetic, and genuinely NICE! I can't fault you for that.

It is VERY uncommon. However, just because you weren't able to see past all the "perceived imperfections" and chose instead to focus on why you shouldn't be there, you shouldn't tell others who might be more open-minded not to go.


Dr. Qu


Was his name Dr. Qu?


I have a friend that works for the World Financial Group, and he invited me to the Chino Hills office where I met a group of people that were from a variety of different fields of work, some young and some old... But one things for sure, they were all very happy and extremely friendly.

I met a teacher working part time, a former construction worker, a nurse, a doctor, a former ATT executive, etc... All were gracious and professional. It was a pleasant experience and I'm still contemplating whether I should join the company. One thing my friend told me is that he has learned a ton from the leadership and he's made 6,000 last month, part time.

When he showed me the check, I couldn't believe it. I know the corporate world, I owned my own business for 10 years and sold it. It comes down to leadership that determines success of a company, and I talked with one of them at the Chino office, Christopher Schelman.

He was a definite leader. That's the only reason I'm thinking of joining, because my buddy has learned a lot from him, and if my buddy can make 6k a month, then I certainly can, if not more.


it maybe not for everyone, but it's not fair to tell everyone not to check it out. i think WFG offers a good opportunity for everybody.

You just need to be open minded.

If you think Corporate world is better....

you are probably blind folded. you don't know what you don't know.

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