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This company is bad news. First they take payments out of your checking account, but do not follow the schedule they give you. At one point they took out a payment every three days for three weeks. When you try to call them you rarely get to speak to someone and when you finally do the guy (I have only spoke to one guy EVER) he tells you if he had gotten a message from you, he would have called back. Then if they take a pmt and you have insufficient funds they turn off your hard drive so your computer is unusable. I tried to send it back and they said I was still responsible for the payments. They swore they sent me a contract which they never did, and when I said i wanted a new copy they said they would send it and I still have not gotten a copy. DONT EVER DEAL WITH THESE GUYS!!
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GREAT JOB POSTING THE SAME THING TWICE BUT IN DIFFERENT WORDS.....Ok firstly, this company is forced by law to follow the payment scheduled by client. Secondly what do people expect to keep using something when they discontinue their payments on it?

Do u know what happens if u stop on your car payments? How are your claims possible though? It takes someone with half a brain to not figure it out, you claim to have made payments every 3 days for 3 weeks straight?? AND ur comp was shut down DUE to the face that YOU discontinued your payments.

People, please become more educated and call them for yourself. The people that post things up like this tend to be irresponsible and unable to keep up on their payments. Then they get pissed when negative consequenses arrived. Had this person called in and said he was not able to make a payment, AS I DID....

They would have just moved his payment day to fit him/her flexibly. They have to go through a Financing Company who does NO CREDIT check to be able to purchase something. I had a WONDERFUL experience purchasing my computer through them, and hope you do your own research on this!

Also, your right I never received my contract by mail either. That's because a sales representative very politely guided me to my contract that was sent to my EMAIL.

On a separate note, when we are charged and over drafting fee, so do they! So make it easier call them ahead of time to modify your payments schedual! Of course we're responsible for our own payments!

Its a legitamate contract. Again its like stopping payments on a new car and thinking its not big deal to stop payments though you sign a contract on BOTH.

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