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Hiller Ford New Car Purchase

Update by user Aug 20, 2016

Just to update..............

The salesman from Hiller Ford called and said I should come back in that he would do right by me. Well, I finally came out and asked him what he meant by making things right by me.............well, they would find me a USED escape that met all of my criteria except, of course, being a 2016.

They would give me a good price(this had nothing to do with not being able to afford a new car!!?) He knows I have a 2014 C-Max SEL now. Why would I want to get another car just as old or older than what I have. They had one just like I wanted on their lot, but it had a sunroof. They wouold have sold me that for $2000 more.

Mind you.....that addition doesn't even cost $2000 more, but for me they would sell it for that much more. I said if they would meet me half way, I would take it because it wasn't something I wanted to begin with. No they would not adjust anything.

I'm just writing them off my list.

I WILL NOT get a Ford.

I can't afford to have them do right by me. The new car sales manager is a condescending Oaf.

Original review posted by user Jul 05, 2016
Decided to buy a new car at Hiller Ford in Franklin because our last experience was so positive. It started out positive and went down the tubes fast. We came to an agreement on the vehicle that we wanted, but it was at another dealer out of town (this was on 6/29). Russ Mayer, at Hiller Ford told us the deal should be done before the end of the month to receive all rebates on the vehicle. The contract was written and signed on the 29th along with the down payment. Later on the 29th we called Russ to see when we could pick up the car in the morning because we had prior commitments, at that time we were told the vehicle would not be in until 3pm on the 30th and they would need a couple of hours to check it out and detail it. He told us not to worry about the rebates because it would be taken care of, they would just back date it and that we could go ahead with our plans to go out of town for the day and evening. We heard nothing on the 30th. The next morning, on the 1st of July, we made our first call at 9am to Hiller Ford asking for Russ. We were told he wouldn't be in until 2pm. We called shortly after the first call, being anxious to get our new car, and talked to one of Russ's managers. He wasn't sure about what was happening and he would try to contact Russ before 2pm. We heard nothing so we called again at 10 minutes after 2pm for Russ and were put through to the Manager of new car sales, Steve. This individual was very abrupt and stated that Russ was off today and actually for the entire weekend. After he stated that Russ was unavailable he told us that we didn't have a car. The dealer of the car sold it. Mind you, Russ told us it would be in around 3pm on the 30th. Steve, the manager, would look for another car himself and call us. When he called he only had vehicles that had panoramic sun roofs and it would be $2000 more. We told him we could not swing another $2000 and we couldn't understand how this happened since we were told that it would be in around 3pm but not ready for pickup until after 5pm on the 30th by Russ. Steve abruptly stated that we were never told that we had a deal or that the car would be in anytime, which was an out and out lie. We asked if they always did business this way and he said this often happens when dealing with other Dealerships. We never received a call on the 30th letting us know there was no deal. If we had not called who knows when we would have been notified. To sum this up .... we signed a contract at 12:01 for a new car on the 29th, told on the 29th that it would be in after 3pm. on the 30th, and found out on July 1 at 2:30 that we did not have a car. The dealership never initiated any calls to inform us that the deal wasn't taking place and we were treated poorly. The kicker was when we told Steve that we were a returning customer because we had such a positive experience the first time. He very arrogantly stated that we returned because we got a good deal. Isn't that why people return to dealerships, because they were treated fairly and got a good deal? Were we ever wrong!
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Thank you for posting I was initially interested in a car at Hiller but since your comment I will not be going there . There are plenty of Ford dealers who do treat customers with respect and will honor a contract which they didn't . thank you again for the buyer beware!


Wow Pat that socks. Legally they have to honor the contract.

If the other dealership sold your vehicle then Hiller IS obligated to fulfill the car requiremento as listed on the contract & either find another just like your order OR place an order exactly as you had signed the contract & placed earnest money on. I had the same thingredients happen to me last year at a Ford dealership out of state. The vehicle I wanted was at another dealership & my dealership was making a swap plan with them when poof they sold it. I ended up ordering one & they honored the signed contract otherwise it's breach of contract.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Hiller Ford. But it's happening everywhere now.

My friend was basically laughed out of a Honda dealership because they made there quota for the month & didn't need to bargain with her. Told her that it is what it is after they did like 5 follow up calls (& she was paying cash).

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VO Group LLC ............ Fraud

They claim to help people who have gotten into trouble with time share debt. Mostly they are made up off past Wyndham resort sales people ...ergo the sleezy tactics. We delt with three different people all the way up to Steve Cox, head of Sales, who was very understanding about our frustration and would see to it that everything was taken care of. After that he never picked up on a call and never returned messages. They took a great deal of money from us and did nothing as far as getting us out of the hole with Wyndham. The process was to take two to three months (this was 6 months ago). My advice ...... NEVER get into timeshares to begin with, but never deal with VO Group. None of these people have a concience.
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Can anyone tell me what is really going on with the Vo Group! They did help me in getting rid off my time share.

The problem I have is that I can only booked for one placed. Is Vo Group a Fraud company?


Federal trial in Camden Court on 7/22/13. The owners Adam and Ashley Lacerda are being charged with mail and wire fraud AND money laundering to the tune of $3 MILLION.

Allegedly used the money scammed for personal use including pool for their house, expensive cars and much more. Read all about it at Justice Department.

The feds are after them big time. DO NOT give them any money!


They are still calling. I have had calls every single week from them.


And just to warn everyone else out there. DO NOT deal with ROResolutions.

They are the same people from the VO GROUP! The guy who owns it is the same guy who worked for VO and Wyndham.

He was also arrested. They are based in Nashville, TN.


This is harry james and i want to clarify that I was coerced into making the statment I maade because that was the only way I could get some of my money back. I am glad these people have been arrested and indicted and hope justice is served for everyone who has been frauded, including me.9


have been contacted by vo group and thanks to the news article about fraud and arrests. was ready to send money but thanks to this inof did not do it.


They all have been arrested today

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