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Mayo Clinic - Mayo will do ANYTHING to avoid managing long term chronic pain with narcotics

I have had Ankylosing Spondylitis or A.S. for about 30 years. When first diagnosed I was denied pain medication but numerous NSAIDS were thrown at me like candy. This is very inappropriate especially in younger patients. I often wonder how many of my current problems could have been avoided if I were not pushed to take all these NSAIDS. I was living in Northern California where I was approached by a local newspaper about Doctors complete reluctance to safely and effectively treat chronic pain via narcotics. NSAIDS can cause bleeding ulcers, liver and kidney problems and much much more. Pain medication cannot in mosy pain patients cause addiction. IN most pain patients the brain is not using the pain meds in the pleasure center, they are going straight to pain receptors thereby passing the pleasure receptors. I was fired from a job I loved, forced to move 90 miles south to Sacramento where I became a patient of Dr. Harvey Rose who was also in the article. Dr. Rose saved my life and allowed me to effectively work for about 8 more years until I needed my hip replaced at age 30. I would only move back to my home state of Minnesota if someone would mangage my pain like Dr. Rose did. My Mom contacted a Physician near them and he agreed to pick up the 4 medications I was on- OxyContin, OxyCodone, Restoril and insulin as I was on a insulin pump. My new doctor agreed and I moved home. I started coming to Mayo Clinic for new treatments and therapies such as Humira, Methotrexate and numerous other DMD's (disease modifying drugs). The result of these therapies? More physically and mentally costly hospitalizations for me as well as costly to the taxpayer. Does Mayo Clinic think about this? Absolutely NOT. These doctors are more concerned about their DEA record than the patients quality of life- somewhat rightly so, but if doctors refuse to treat chronic pain safely and effectively, then where does that leave the patient and what kind of physician is that doctor? Most doctors REFUSE to take the Hypocratic Oath today anyway citing it is too ambiguous. Really? More like it means that they will have to do their jobs. I have recently seen A TON OF PRESCRIPTION Medications on the street. They NEVER CAME FROM ME. I suffered a brain injury about 7 years ago and was taken to St. Mary's. People think I cannot remember any of that but I do. I had a medic alert bracelet on stating my condition and that I was on OxyContin for pain. I remember nurses and doctors making crude comments about the MINOR withdrawl I was going thru. Patients with legitimate chronic pain really have little difficulty coming off long term narcotic pain medicine as there body is using it as it needs it. Your pleasure center in your brain is not being activated. Mayo foolishly tests for Marijuana so they can deny patients that need pain medicine for QUALITY OF LIFE a Mayo "substantiated" reason to deny that patient medications. This is foolish and also descriminatory as ER patients who come in after killing people in accidents while on drugs or alcohol are never denied pain medicine. Why? Because Doctors say "they did not have a choice" or some other BS. I never had a choice and I certainly did not ask for this disease as well as I have tried every other available treatment or therapy Mayo offers and nearly died. Mayo NEVER takes ANY CREDIT for this. They screwed up. DMD's and IMMUNO-SUPPRESSANTS should not be offered to patients without cancer whose pain can otherwise be controlled. Using drug tests to deny patients needed medication is actually quite ruthless and irresponsible but Mayo continues these actions even today. What Mayo needs is a HUGE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to knock these doctors off their HIGH HORSES. I will start to submit to a drug test when every doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner and physicians assistant does- and that includes EVERYONE else who has ANY CONTACT with a patient. We will see how Mayo deals with this- from experience I know of MANY doctors who are BIG INTO DRUGS. But because they are DOCTORS somehow they feel they have a HANDLE on it- more nonsense. Mayo Doctors get off your high horses and come and live with the rest of us in reality. I am not going to stop until this nonsense ends.
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I will AGAIN review Mayo Clinic for their non-sensicle and completely un-necessary and highly discriminatory "policy" of drug testing chronic pain patients for illegal drugs. This time I will make it really quite crystal cleat- Mayo Clinic is NOT law enforcement, nor are the any type or kind of legal agency tasked with, or LEGALLY entitled to enforce ANY kind of law- illegal pot or not.

I have easily lost over at least a decade of my life, QUALITY of life, due to Mayo's irrational, irresponsible and outrageous use of immuno-suppressant therapies in a non-cancerous, diabetic patient, simply to avoid having to manage SEVERE chronic pain in diabetic pain patients, who have at the outrageous PUSHING of Mayo doctors, been forced to try therapies such as Remicaide, Humira as well as Methotrexate, two of which damn near resulted in my death, where former Merit Care in Fargo had to clean up after Mayo's complete mess of me. The suffering I endured, the immense and outrageous costs to the American taxpayer is simply pathetic.. then, Mayo doctors continue to insist that they somehow possess the legal right to drug test me for ANY substance other then medications prescribed, or that I potentially present with symptoms for in the ER or otherwise, NOW, with this Corona virus outbreak, I wonder how much money Mayo has wasted doing these outrageous drug screens on me, could have been saved and diverterted to dealing with this new, severe threat to local and American society. Mayo is completely out of line on this one, they are way outstretching and outreaching thier legal authority, and when doing so, they are been so damn biased and discriminatory it is outrageous.

As soon as Mayo can show me exactly WHERE in not only the Constitution, but also local as well as State law, it gives Mayo Clinic the right as well as the authority to enforce law by insituting ANY type of legal penalty for marijuna use, I will be more then happy to submit a speciman for examination, until then, if even one doctor, orders such a test, I will not only refuse, but I will have to insist that not only each and every other patient on pain medication, regardless of for what reason, also has to maintain this completely ridiculously biased "standard" then I refuse to submit. When everyone is treated EXACTLY the same, as American, democratic society insures and demands, I will simply refuse to give any body fluids for examination or testing for illegal drugs. When Mayo Clinic can insure me that each and every other patient, regardless of reason, cause or need for Opiate pain medication, I simply refuse. Everyone else should do the exact same thing as Mayo is making a complete mockery of freedom and a free society- and the worst thing?

Not one damn person at Mayo cares. With one doctor and only three medications as well as an insulin pump, my pain was well managed, my sleep and, my blood sugar, After being used recklessly numerous times BY MAYO to try these outrageously dangerous therapies, damn near dying twice, suffering at least TWO, major, sytemic infections, resulting in even more outrageous physical and emotional costs to me as well as HUGE financial costs to American taxpayers, I have simply had enough of Mayo Clinic. IF I HAD THE OPTION OF GOING ELSEWHERE, I would. During my recovery from encephalitis, I have been treated like some kind of piece of crap by not only Mayo, but two other MAJOR providers here in ROCHESTER.

My privacy has been totally voided, I have had my computer illegally monitored, and resultant private, confidential medical information simply given out by professional staff, nurses, nurse practitioners and others, who are legally charged with not only protecting me, but also my privacy, I was like a damn joke to these people, and my privacy was like a damn pathetically amusing form of entertainment to them. I have sent numerous emails to the state, who simply refuse to return my calls. When my brain injury first happened, and I woke up, my neice was only 13 and she was the ONLY one who was honest with me and she told me quite honestly that this was Mayo Clinic's intention. SO, as a Army trained soldier, I did what was the most safe for everyone involved.

I told my brother to hide, lock up or sell all of my firearms as I knew we were talking about my quality of life, not some crap issue of Mayo policy. I am in the process of writing a paper, then a book which I fully intend on first, handing out for free so everyone can know just how full of crap Mayo Clinic is. Mayo Clinic's entire attitude is so laced with negelct and incompetence, so full of complete contempt for the entire concept of freedom and privacy, it makes me ashamed to call myself an American.

This is sure as *** not the country and ideals I served to defend, This is Mayo's nonsense idelic want to be attiude of what the want this city to be like and they unfortunetly are decades too late. Thomas Grinnell - Rochester, Minnesota and an unfortunate Mayo patient.


Yes- anything to avoid prescribing pain medication. More ethical violations.

Someday it is going to happen and Mayo will really have to pay out because they just simply refuse to deal with chronic pain. Irresponsible, immoral, unethical and unrealistic.

This should be Mayo's new motto. tg

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