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Never buy Karasta or SmartStrand

Karastan #1683722
We would have to hire someone at our expense which is not acceptable. We have a lot of carpet in our home and have never had an experience like this. This was our first time with Karastan and Mohawk and from now on we are going back to Shaw unless we can get an adjustment on future flooring. I am happy to provide you with the claim number Claim # 689**** Ryden. After I posted on this website previously, I reached out again to the person at Mohawk handling the claim and got no response. So in addition to poor quality we can add poor customer service.
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Thank you for providing the claim number. The Consumer Affairs team located the claim and confirmed that a second inspection would be the next step to reopen the claim, since it was declined based on an inspection and sample lab testing. I understand that you do not wish to commission an inspection. I apologize again for your experience. Laura with Mohawk and Karastan