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SB MacDonald Custom Instruments - SB Macdonald Is absolutely unprofessional

I never slam someone unless they truly deserve it...I am a locally based singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist . I had UPS'ed my expensive "Parlor Guitar" to this shop for expensive $700 repair. Although, his work has been seen in many books and guitar magazines...And came recommended by a high end guitar company.... I have found that this does not make up for his very arrogant and shallow demeanor on the telephone ... once he had my money that was it, man. No nice guy anymore? I get no phone call with update? On the rare occasions I would call, I could never get a word in edgewise. He would just cut me off and say, "I gotta go." And to boot...doesn't even tell you what he had planned for your guitar. That's when it turned to email with rarely a reply. With only one email reply out of 5 requests. He'd say "it's on my bench right now... yeah liar! All of that would have been graciously accepted because I am a tolerant human being, I understand busy... In Forethought, only if he would have made the guitar sound better, in addition to having the geometry of the instrument right. But, that proved to be futile. He had stated he is a builder acoustic and electric guitars custom for the "artists". But that doesn't make up for a broken fret that he had made worse with an awful muting sound coming from the 5th fret, a pick up system that was installed incorrectly, no hiding of wires or nobs as requested, a hastily designed bridge with incorrect specified material, wrong string size set up with the wrong action, & a tail block that may have to be re-glued I assure you it had NOTHING to do with being damaged in shipping. Seven Hundred is quite a bit of money to be back to square one! NO EXAGGERATION! On top of it he was mean to my Mother who is old a knows nothing of guitars. He mentioned her being obnoxious. She is in her 70's and heartbroken over the whole ordeal. What a ***! He just said he "wanted to get it out of here." and rushed getting it back to me 8 months later. When the Guitar stabilized in 3 months. I should have had the guitar in MAY not August... obviously he sat on it. It is now a month later, I was so stressed that I refused to call SB Macdonalds upon delivery of my guitar because of all of his meanness, lack of customer service and including the fact he had this terrible shipping method of leaving the instrument. I was upset. I am glad I was in town when it arrived because it would have stayed outside. Yes outside folks, in the elements! ... could have been stolen whatever! I consider myself a pro and a nice guy... and I got walked on. Musicians, you have to do your homework, and thoroughly investigate a repair person first. They should have some personality and want to accommodate you! Thanks to Scott here: I am back where I started with the problems of this guitar. Look up his mean responds on YELP and you'll know the guy is shady. I would have stopped there but he wants to keep it going! Now I am on a campaign!!! He chooses Character assassination over appeasement. when I am the guy out 700 dollars. He still gets the free feedback. I'm a nice guy I don't sue. For this, I will indiscriminately choose to slam him and his ilk on the internet forever. Although, I am not one of SB's famous or rich clients, like some of his clients, who backed away from his bizarre behavior. I'm not famous but heck, why should that matter. Thanks SB "Mckee D" for giving me such personalized $#@%-ing service! ______Let's Review________ 1. No Value added 2. Terrible People skills 3. Less than adequate knowledge of repair
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Give 700 dollars to Seva Foundation so that his soul may be saved. Otherwise voodoo damnation!
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USAA San Antonio is a "Front" Business

USAA is not a legitimate insurance company. They have the worst customer service of any insurance company that I've ever dealt with. Tried to make a claim and they lied the whole time. Changing their reasons for the rejection. Also they are impersonal they don't have manners. They say one thing and then do another. Please avoid them at all costs!!! "Worst company" is an understatement. Congress should do an inquiry of them for corporate negligence. And they should be reported to the insurance commission for fraud. Anyone out there involved in a class action against this company I'm on board! GEEEEEZ!
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Typically, it is those folks who are dishonest or unreasonable that are unsatisfied with their services. Usaa is a good company to be insured by but make no mistake, if they have reason to believe someone is being fraudulent or dishonest , chances are that the person will not be happy whether insured by them or not.


And also, they are not a fraud insurance. They are a top rated company.

you can't say they are not a legitimate insurance without pure facts and conviction.

Saying they aren't legitimate is strictly your opinion not a proven fact. any claim I ever made was taken care if immediately


I like that the people making compliments are being belittled by the complainers. I'm sorry if you've had a bad experience.

Thats not to the fault of the compliments so the "good for you" comments aren't necessary. I can't say ive ever had a problem with the insurance or banking as well. If you're having such a problem then take it up a level instead of belittling people on here.

It doesn't get taken care of if you just complain instead of going up the chain of command. And from the posts I've seen on here, usaa offered to rectify your situation so i don't think thats too bad of a company.


WOW this is one time I CAN actually disagree with the post. My family and extended family have served in the Military in one branch or the other.

USAA has been great and the contractors have also. Due to a bad run of luck over the last three years we have filed 4 claims on our home owners policy. The Customer Service was wonderful.

The issues were taken care of and fixed within reasonable timelines and done correctly. The only problem I have is after the raccoon dug through the roof they stripped that part of coverage from our policy stating they were doing that to ALL their policies.


It is great for you top two complainers. You give nothing substantial.

I recently made a claim with them. They assigned an agent by name and she handled the entire case...excellently.

If you do the random call to whomever, you may not get the exact info because you are not speaking to your agent. Other than that, you say congressional inquiry or class action it or stop ***.


Its a shame that people can't comment about their experience without people criticizing them for joining an insurance company that they believed in. If you had a great experience with them, "Well Great FOR YOU!!' Everyone has not shared in your "Elation." I for one suffered at the hands of this company after I went the cheapest route to save the company cost.

I have an asthmatic child, force to live in a home containing mildew because "your favorite insurance" company, gave me grief about moneys for hotel stays. Yes dear its all in my plan of coverage that I'm entitled to. Now if something else happens to my child, they are held liable.

I have no family here, my husband is out to see, school starts in wks, so don't give me the bs saying that we are *** Its "Grown People" who listen to others opinions without addind insult to injury. You just pray that you keep having your great experiences and the shoe never gets placed on your feet.


Ive had my insurance policy for 30YRS and every thing that USAA has promised me on my policy and also the insurance claims that i have filed are correct and handled just like they said.


I have had USAA for almost 40 years now and cannot think of a better company, bar none. The disgruntled *** on this site do not have a leg to stand on when they criticize USAA......


It appears that you had a less than satisfactory experience with your recent claim. We would like the opportunity to review this matter further, if you’ll let us.

If possible, please forward a summary of the situation, along with your USAA number, to us at socialmedia@***.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


You would only "express sixth larget if you worked for them.. you are a robot *** :upset

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