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Cendera Funding - Fired for getting injured at work

I had been working for Cendera Funding-- a mortgage company based out of Fort Worth, TX-- for a year and a half. We recently moved to a new building, and the steps outside are weird. Well, I tripped and sprained my ankle really bad. I missed one day of work because I couldn't even walk. I didn't go to the doctor, there isn't anything a doctor can do for a sprained ankle-- except give you Tylenol. Well, 2 days later I was fired. They couldn't even give me a reason for termination, which tells me they fired me out of retaliation and saw me as a liability. I want my story to be heard! This is wrong!
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You do realize that they have a video of you faking the incident, now *** off you overweight cow.


What a little wuss, leaving a comment like "@&*% off overweight cow" as an "anonymous" commenter. Be man/woman enough to leave your real name.

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Honestly it all comes to whoever has the right paperwork. You should have gone to atleast a clinic to have paper works saying that you did injure yourself and you can not work based on your injuries.

Honestly i would have fired you as well if you worked for me telling me you can not work because you tripped or you fell outside of the building without showing me or atleast telling your physician to give your company a call, even a simple note will do with a signature on it (But you failed to do that).

It all comes to legal matters, if you had the paper work to show that you were hurt then you can file a lawsuit but you dont have anything to show. Sorry but not so sorry.


Good thing you didn't go to the doctor, they can't fix ***.

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