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Florida Premier Realty - Trying to buy a house using this agent. Been lied to, cheated and then fobbed off by the owner/manager

Below Review is regarding our treatment by the staff and management of Florida Premier Realty We were interested in a property on the market at 16848 Shetland Ln Loxahatchee. This is being listed with Florida Premier Reality. My wife Pamela Ferrari spoke with listing agent Renee Goodemote around the 19nd January. She stated that it was her fiancé George’s listing and she gave her his number which my called. George called my wife and stated that the property was currently being marketed at 590k but he was going to lower the price to start a bidding war. (Why on earth he would tell a potential buyer of such a plan is beyond me). My wife discussed it with me and I said I was not interested in any bidding wars and to call him back to let him know which we did. On the 25th January, we noticed the price had been lowered to 390k and there was an open house on the 26th from 11-1pm We attended the open house and were met by a man at the door who introduced himself as George Lambro and was wearing a Florida Premier Realty shirt. He gave us a tour of the house. I asked him how much the bank would accept (I had already read all the court docs online and told him that) and he said the number would need to have a 5 in front of it. If this were case, why list the property at 390k? This is at the very least unethical, its classic bait and switch to list a property at a price which he clearly knew would never be accepted. Many people attended the open house (of course they would with a property priced so low that had no intention of being sold at that price) I told George that I was aware that the owner had signed a consent to judgment foreclosure judgment and that they were paying her relocation expenses. Also that we were considering waiting for the foreclosure auction which is where I have purchased almost 200 properties in the past 10 years. George stated that he was working with an attorney who was going to suggest bankruptcy to ensure the sale did not take place. He further stated that they may not even file bankruptcy and they only had to suggest it in order to cancel the sale. This raised alarm bells to me, I’ve never heard of a realtor conspiring with a seller to use such delaying tactics, especially when the seller had already signed a document agreeing not to delay the sale. We were extremely apprehensive of making an offer due to the way George Lambro had represented himself. But once home, we checked out Florida Premier Realty online, saw they had 150 realtors and figured that they must be straight shooters with such a big company. Turns out we were wrong. I called George late that afternoon and asked him if he had had much interest,. He stated that he had received 2 solid offers one of 450k and one of 465k (again not sure why he was telling me the amounts, that does not usually happen). I have bought many property in multiple offer situations when asked for ‘highest and best’, they never normally reveal the dollar amount of other offers. I told him that if we were to make an offer it would be all cash and we would make it direct rather than through our usual agent, this was to leave even more meat on the bone so to speak in potential commissions during short sale negotiations. I said that we specifically did not was to tie up our money for ages in a deal that would not go through and we specifically did not want to get involved in any bidding wars. I said that we would only make an offer if it was agreed that if we signed a contract and paid a deposit, then George would set the property as contingent and agree not to accept any backup offers. I had my eye on other properties and did not want to be used as part of any unethical games. Georges words to me were ‘If you make an all cash offer I give you my word that I will commit to set the property to cotangent and not accept any backup offers’. That sounded fair enough to me. With that in mind I made an all cash offer of 480k and even waived inspection. We all know as offers go that’s about as strong as they get. George Lambro said he would call me the next morning to discuss Next morning he called and said they seller would go with our offer and he would get the contract to me later that day. We signed the contract (and sent a copy of the check along with proof of funds) and delivered the $25,000 escrow check in person to the title company yesterday 28th Jan. We noticed the property was still showing for sale so we sent George a text asking him to set it contingent as promised. He did not reply so we sent a email to Renee asking her to set it contingent as per agreement and asking her if we were officially under contract. Her reply is below 'Hi Terry! Yes, we have the signed contract from the seller! I was out with a client this evening so I haven’t had a chance to update the listing but will do so in the morning! Have a great night! Warm regards, Renee' Come the next morning (29th January) I was stunned to see the property had been set to FOR SALE (accepting backup offers) this was expressly contrary to our agreement. I emailed Renee Goodemote to express my disappointment and ask that they honor our agreement or release us from the contract George Lambro then called and spoke to my wife who again reminded him of our agreement. George stated that he had received a higher offer for the property and did not need ours. How can an agent say that to somebody when we are supposedly under contract? He also stated that his duty was to get the best price for his client. I agree with that to an extent but he also has a duty to us the buyer why representing both ends of the deal as a broker as was happening in this case. Furthermore he has a duty to act ethically and honestly when representing the company, the buyer, the seller and acting as a licensed realtor. My wife asked him to cancel the contract and return our check which he said he would do As you can imagine, we were very angry at our perceived mistreatment here. We thought we were dealing with a professional company not a grifter who bends the rules as he sees fit. We sent a 2nd email to Renee asking for Georges license number and asking to confirm we have been released from the contract. We also stated our intention to get our attorney involved and make complaints to Floridas Best Realty, the realtors association and to leave some honest reviews online. We passed details of the realtors actions to the bank involved in this case “Select Portfolio Servicing”, in cash they wish to take their own remedial actions against a realtor clearly overstepping his boundaries and encouraging a seller to suggest bankruptcy simply to delay the sale so he could make his commission We sent the above complaint to Florida Premier Realty and added the below section to encourage the owner to resolve them (see below extract) “We would be extremely grateful if you could look into this matter for us. Depending on the steps you take to resolve it, we will then decide which other actions we need to take. I’m sure you will actions that the actions taken by these realtors reflect extremely poorly on your company which they are supposedly representing.” We were stunned the receive the flowing response from the owner and manager of Florida Premier Realty Marc Schoen 'Terry I would’ve been happy to look into something for you but with your threat and your ultimatum at the end,that’s when I draw the line have a nice day with your threats— I see you canceled your contract good luck with your complaints—-next time you want someone’s help don’t give them ultimatums it doesn’t work well Sent from my iPhone' We had some more back and forth with Mr Schoen who stated he would not help us as ‘Our personalities clashed’. We did some digging and discovered that Mr Lambro had been in trouble in New York for securities (a quick google search will confirm this) and furthermore that he had had his Realtor Brokers License revoked for being untruthful to clients. We also discovered that he had previously had his Florida license suspended for the same offence. Links to some of the information are below**** We pointed this out to the owner/manager of Florida Premier but as expected, it did not bother him. His response is below “Here’s your problem Terry I have 200 realtors and maybe a lot of them have backgrounds but not for me to decide as soon as Florida gives them a license that’s it not my choice so good luck suing the state of Florida Sent from my iPhone” Clearly someone who is not bothered if his own agents tell lies or act in an unethical manner. We asked Mr Schoen who was representing our interests as they were being paid for both sides of the deal and his repsonse is below 'Not sure the game you’re playing Terry, no one is your broker. I am the broker for the transaction. In Florida we are transaction agents we represent the contract not you Sent from my iPhone' We have filed a complaint re Mr Schoen and Mr Lambro with the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulation (who issue the realtors licenses and have the power to revoke their licenses) We decided not to agree to a cancellation of the contract as that would be letting them both off too easily after all their underhand tactics. At this point we are under contract to buy the property for 480k, our 25k deposit is with the escrow agent. Nobody is speaking to us from the company supposedly dealing with our offer and we have no idea what to do next. Also the property is still being marketed for sale and backup offers are being accepted, despite our explicit with Mr Lambro to set the property contingent and not accept any backup offers. Specific of our complaint are Mr George Lambro broke his commitment to us by not setting the property to contingent and still accepting backup offers. Mr Schoen refused to help us because his feelings got hurt by us threatening to take further action should he fail to resolve our issue Mr Lambro has a proven history in New York and Florida of fraud, deceiving clients and untruthfulness Mr Lambro should not be conspiring with the homeowner to suggest bankruptcy to thwart the courts and prevent the foreclosure sale (he even said he was going to have the attorney arrange this) In our opinion both Mr Schoen and Mr Lambro have failed to follow the rules and regulations in place with the realtor licensing agency. Mr Schoen is particularly liable as its his company allegedly brokering the transaction and therefore his responsibility to remedy the situation instead of being rude to his clients. All we want to do is be treated honestly and fairly in accordance with the regulations and law governing real estate transaction in Florida. If you are a buyer or seller and considering using Florida Premier Realty, We’d advise you to think again. Do you really want to deal with a company that does not care if their agents lie and cheat and if they have previously been struck off for malpractice. If you are an agent considering working for them, perhaps consider if you’d prefer going with a company with more morals and ethics. One that does not get its feelings hurt so easily and works to solve problems instead of being rude to clients.
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Braverman Eye Center - Went for PresbyLasik and ruined my distnce vision

I had surgery done at Dr Braverman in August 2013. My eyes were not too bad when I started, now I struggle to pass the DMV eye tests which I never did before. I was very disappointed with the surgery and would not recommend this company to anyone considering surgery. I spent almost $3000 to ruin my distance vision. I wish I had gone elsewhere. Please do you research carefully and remember to ask as many questions as you can. I am 48 years old and like many of us struggle to see things close up. This comes with age I guess. Last year I went to an eye center to consider Lasik. The doctor said he could cure my close up vision in one eye but that it would be a trade off and that it would compromise my distance vision. The cost for the monovision treatment on one eye would be $1500. He inserted a contact lens into the eye to show me the results and suggested I leave it in for a week. Reading close up was GREAT. I was almost hooked. However, when outside, I covered the unaffected eye and tried to read signs, on stores and road signs and they were blurry. I do quite a bit of driving and figured it was simply not worth compromising my distance vision to fix close up which could be easily assisted with reading glasses. I decided to wait until better technology came along. Around this summer, I stumbled on an article about Presbylasik. This was a new treatment, still in testing stage in the USA so not yet FDA approved (though it was already approved in many European countries). This exciting treatment supposedly cured near and distance vision all in one go with two shots on the laser at the same surgery sitting. It sounded like the answer to my prayers. I researched many eye centers and spoke to Rosemary Hartford at Dr Bravermans eye center at Hallendale Beach in south Florida. I scheduled an appointment and had a battery of tests. I then met Dr Braverman who said that he suggested doing just one eye as the other was not bad enough for Lasik at this point. He explained that the revolution presby treatment involved shooting the laser to reshape a part of the eye to correct the close up vision, then recalibrating the laser and firing again (for an extra $600) to correct the distance vision. This sounded perfect. At no time did they ever say that it could ruin my distance vision. They just said that in almost all case it was a complete success. I signed all the usual disclaimers of course. Because this is an off label non approved treatment, insurance companies to not cover it here and I had the pay the $2500+ cost in cash. Dr Bravermans office is very impressive and lots of articles stating how great he is on the walls and pictures of him rubbing shoulders with the starts, I felt in very safe hands. Came the day of treatment, all seemed OK, it was painless as they said, they fired the first laser, recalibrated it, (they had said something like it tracks the eye 400 times a second to ensure it cannot go off target). Fired again and said all was great. They send me home. My close up vision was super improved almost immediately. I was concerned that my distance had greatly deteriorated. I could not even read tags of the vehicles in front of me, nor road signs, nor makes of cars, not even writing a few feet away. This seemed just like the monovision treatment that I had refused the year before. I was very unhappy. I emailed Rosemary about this and my distance vision concerns and she brushed me off with the following. Please do not be concerned. This procedure can take a few months for the final result. You may notice some fluctuations and subtle changes but it will improve. We did not expect your distance vision in this eye to be good right now. I stayed patient and had some follow up appointments at a local eye specialist. Then came the bombshell. In October I went to the DMV to renew my license. I COULD NOT READ THE SIMPLE LETTERS IN THE EYE MACHINE WITH MY LASIK OPERATED EYE. This was devastating to me, I had never struggled with an eye test in the past and was shocked. I explained I had recently had Lasik and she said I should try again. I read 2 of the 4 and could not get the 3rd. She said to try so I guessed it (I knew it was one of 3 letters but could not tell which), she was I was correct and to try the 4th. I simply could not get it I could not even guess. Fortunately she said I only needed to get 3 of the 4 so I got my license. But as you can imagine I was extremely worried about this. 2 months after surgery and I almost failed a basic DMV eye test that I had always sailed through before. Worst still the great close up reading had settled down to be not so great and was now just the same as my other eye. I cannot even read the brand name of my TV on the so called ‘corrected’ eye. I urgently emailed Dr Bravermans surgery again (telling them of my DMV eye test nightmare) and Rosemary replied with the following You are just 8 weeks out from surgery and you are right on course. Remember that the presby treatment takes longer to settle. We did not expect your distance vision in your treated eye to be perfect right away. It may take several months. Your next appt here is 11/18 at 3:00 and we will see how you are doing. We have to wait to see that you are stable and not changing any more before an enhancement would be considered. I again felt I was just being given the brush off. Before I started they said that if correction was needed it would be given free of charge, now I was just being fobbed off despite my clear distance vision problems. I am now reluctant to have any more Lasik done as if they correct it, I will either end up as I started, or possibly with even worse distance vision. I am going to save up a bit more and get multifocal lenses installed instead. So a word of warning for anyone considering using Dr Bravermans services. Ask may questions about what can go wrong and how they will remedy it if it does and get something in writing. Don’t fall for their schmooze. I regret falling for their sales talk and wish I had never had this surgery done. At least the monovision place were honest in telling me the potential outcome, this company told me they would fix close up without compromising distance. Yet here I am not being able to read anything more than a few feet away. A nightmare experience I am sure you will agree. Be very careful when deciding on eye surgery, you only have one pair of eyes, don’t entrust them to someone unless you are very very confident they will do the job you are paying for, otherwise you may end up out of pocket and with worse eyesight than you started with as in my case
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Home decorus llc Rob Jones scammer

We hired this man to do a floor installation. He quote a price and we gave $2500 deposit at start of job. He hired subcontractors and work got underway. After 5 days the subcontractors had trouble getting hold of him. They were worried about not being paid so they left the job. He promised installers would arrive to replace them,none arrived. After a few days we asked for our money back less money he was due to pay the subcontractors. He refused and made many threats against us including saying he was going to report us for using unlicensed contractors on other jobs and failing to get permits etc. He also promised us he had paid the sub contractor $1700. The sub contractor was asking us to pay him as he had received nothing. He eventually gave the sub contractor $1000 and kept the other $1500 for himself. He felt that he could steal $1500 for not completing a job, robbing the customer and also the contractor to fill he greedy pockets. His website talks about honesty, fairness and being a veteran etc. In reality he is just a conman. He took money for a job he could not complete then kept $1500 that he had no right to and would not even pay his workers. Do yourself a favor and avoid this shark. Don;t fall for his schmooze
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"i just happened across this thread,I dont know this guy and never had any dealings with him, but he needs to be exposed for what he is." - Anonymous

Well, that about sums up bias hearsay as fact, eh? You don't know the guy, never spoke with him, never hired him, but yet you agree he needs to be exposed for what he is?

A bit contentious don't you think?

Let's just say you don't know him and cannot comment one way or the other and until you do know personally, no one should be "exposed" for anything....


you are a total fuckbrain... read *** read


As an installer myself, in the field for more than 20 years, it has been my experience that performing labor on a pay by percentage of completion basis is better than anything. If I'm not supplying materials, I will usually ask the customer to pay in quarterly amounts, 25% upon work being complete the first day or two, followed by subsequent draws over time as the work is completed.

Nothing wrong with this method, it makes both parties feel secure, if you don't show back up, hiring someone to finish it off (as long as what has been done is up to par, which you should examine before paying "as you go"), isn't that big of a deal.

Lots of things happen to us, we're only human. I got into a car accident hours after starting a 5,000 square foot house full of tile and wood flooring. Had I accepted a large deposit without having any work done, I would surely look like a *** artist.

But I simply called the customer from the hospital, referred a fellow contractor and no worries...

The first problem with this entire ordeal is the down payment issue. The only time money should be presented up front is if materials are being delivered and need to be paid for. Labor should always be paid upon completion in any real world setting, or if the contractor is living week to week, pay as you go, if necessary.

As for Rob Jones, I cannot say anything bad, I have never dealt with the man, nor hired him as a sub, I know nothing about him, therefore I'm not qualified to leave any review.

It does appear though that one person is posting all the negative comments on craigslist.

As a flooring contractor with my own warehouse, employees, and repeat investors and clients, I can tell you that the best form of business is honest business done on a pay scale that suits each party, and never give anyone a large deposit up front for labor.


i just happened across this thread,I dont know this guy and never had any dealings with him, but he needs to be exposed for what he is. below is some additional info that i found on him.

i guess he likes to change business names and telephone frequently

*TILE PRO *** HOUSE PAINTING by PAINT PRO * (JAX Space Coast Orlando Daytona)

*** HOUSE PAINTING by PAINT PRO * STARTING at $ 599.00 ***

Call or Text Rob Robert 386-227-****

Painting Volusia, Seminole & Orange County Since 1991

Daytona,DeLand, Deltona, Orange City, Debary, Sanford, Lake Mary Longwood ,Port Orange His name is ROB JONES aka ROBERT JONES , he is a shady *** man from the orlando area, this is some of what is written about him: Some of the current headers in adverts on the florida craigslist that we are interested in,from Orlando to Jacksonville to Daytona to Melbourne, 1) *** TILE INSTALLATION by TILE PRO * STARTING at $ 1.15 s/f *** 2) * I INSTALL CERAMIC TILE IN EMPTY HOUSES FOR $ 1.15 S/F 3) *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER TILE REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES *** 4) I PAINT EMPTY HOUSES FOR LESS $ 599.00 * DRYWALL * TEXTURE * TILE 5) (new as of 6/13) * PRODUCTION TILE CREW * HOTEL/MOTEL * CONDO'S * RENOVATION PROJECTS * & * RAPO'S TILE REMODELING* * RAPOS TILE * 6) (new as of 7/1) *** HOUSE PAINTING by PAINT PRO * STARTING at $ 599.00 *** 7) PAINTER AND HIS BRUSH telephone numbers keep changing frequently, the most recent known ones connected with those adverts : 321-872-**** / 321-872-**** / 386-227-**** / 407-749-**** / 321-252-**** /407-574-**** Below is a recent post ( unedited ) in the Space Coast CL: Posted: 2015-05-15 10:15am prev next print RE- *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES *** (RIP OFF SCAM) License info: Unlicensed RE- *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES *** (HE WILL RIP UP OFF ) *** EXPERT BATH & SHOWER REMODELING AT DISCOUNT PRICES yea right ................Rob Jones ............. THIS GUY IS A *** MAN HE WILL RIP YOU OFF LIKE HE DID ME SOME TILE MAN WHAT A TRASH JOB HE DID FOR ME AT 83


I also had a bad experience with Rob Jones after hiring him for a tile job while back after finding him on craigslist. Come to find out afterwards he is a well known bad apple in the central florida area.

He is not a class act , neither professionly nor in appearence, and that goes for the derelict he sent to do the job, as well.

just look at the laungage he uses against others in the posts below. that says a lot about this man.


I have been following this thread with interest and have the following observations to make.

Mr Jones, no matter how much a customer annoys you, it is NEVER acceptable to call him a roach or a dead beat. Nobody in their right mind would openly say so something so foolish. If you can speak about a customer in this way, why would any other customer hire you and risk falling foul of your wrath should they upset you? Also if you fail to pay your installers by coming up with weak excuses, how can you expect others to work for you?

I have been a tile installer for 35 years, I do not even bother to advertise. ALL of my work comes from recommendation from satisfied customers. The customer is always right even if I don't agree with him. (believe me, I have dealt with some of the most difficult customers out there). He (or she) pays my wages and its up to me to ensure I deliver what I promise for a fair price.

From your own words above, you failed to deliver the service as promised. If an installer that you hired leaves a job, its down to you to replace him, no questions, you are the boss, you are getting paid your percentage for overseeing the job and hiring and firing when needed. You cannot simply blame one of your workers for a job collapsing. If you hit a problem you solve it, you take responsibility and don't blame the installer or the customer. Have you heard the expression 'A bad workman always blames his tools'? You must know that when you fail to complete a job that you have written an estimate for, the written estimate becomes null and void and unenforceable in a court of law. Customers have many legal remedies when you fail to complete a written contract including claiming for damages and even claiming for more expensive contractors to complete the job that you failed to complete. I have helped many other customers remedy similar situations in the past.

My reputation is everything to me, I would move *** and earth to keep my customers happy and ensure it remained intact.

Mr Ferrari, don't be too disillusioned. You can easily solve this in court and you did the right thing exposing a bad apple in this barrel. Others will read this and come to their own conclusions. I am way to far away to assist you in completing your job but I will send you details of someone close to you that I think will be able to give you a good service for a decent price.

Sue him and move on, don't lose any sleep over this.


I am pleased Mr Jones had responded on here. Although, His open insults to a customer speak volumes. Mr Jones has openly lied stating he removed 3000 sq ft of ceramic tile. I personally removed every ceramic tile before any installers arrived and I also sent Mr Jones photographic proof of this (which I have in a forensically verifiable time stamped email dated before the arrival of workers). I was concerned at the $1900 tearout quote so I removed the tile myself to keep the costs down. When sending him proof of this I also stated the following just for the sake of clarity.

"Original quote was $1905 for main area tearout and prep. I know the tile is supposedly easier than the thinset but it was still hard work and it has still saved them some time I will leave it up to you to decide what to charge me. You can decide how much to deduct for work already done. I will not argue with you and will rely on you to charge a fair price"

Mr Jones replied below (I shall post all the emails online shortly)

Hey Terry,

"WOW, you have been working hard..... !!! ( I saw the pics. )

Don't worry In the end everything will be fine. ( He gets all his work from me. )

Ashton is on his way there now. I am 100% positive that everything will work out so don't worry.

We want to do business with you for a long time coming. And I will insure you get a good deal.

Again, Thanks for your business,


So even a layman can see here that Mr Jones is agreeing I have done a considerable part of the originally quote job and assuring me that I would be extremely satisfied in the reduction of his original $1905 quote.

Installers arrived, I paid Mr Jones $2500 deposit, two installers worked hard for 5 days removing wooden floors and the remaining thinset.

They then started to worry about not being paid and not hearing from Mr Jones, plus the extra installers failed to arrived as Mr Jones had promised. The original installer did ask me to pay them direct because they were worried about Mr Jones not paying them. I could not do this as I had paid mr jones the deposit plus I did not hire the installers, he did. Original installers left the job and Mr Jones promised new installers would arrive. After 3 days they had not arrived so I politely cancelled the job. At first Mr Jones was fine his words are below

"I'm very sorry and I understand,

Rob Jones"

I knew Mr Jones had agreed to pay the installers $1700 for the tearout so I even suggested he keep $200 for himself and just return me $600, making the job $1900 even though he had clearly promised me that it would cost me much less than that.

That's when things turned nasty, he flipped and became abusive. He said to my installer "F*&k you, F*&k Pammy (my fiance) and f*Kk Terry too". It was this huge unwarranted insults that made me flip and take it extremely personal.

He refused to refund any money and worse still he only paid the two installers $1000 between them for 5 days hard work despite promising them $1700. Despite not being able to complete my job, he felt somehow entitled to steal the other $1500 for himself. He had not done any work whatsoever himself, he had arrived once to measure up and once to collect his deposit. He had then failed to complete the job as promised. For this almost zero work, he feels entitled to $1500 when his installers busted their b*lls for 5 days and he gave them a mere $1000 to split despite promising them $1700. They had families to feed but he felt it OK to steal from them and me alike.

I told Mr Jones I have reported him to various anti fraud agencies. Once their inquiries are complete they will decide if they are going to prosecute. At the end of their inquiries, I shall sue Mr Jones for return of my money and for damages. I doubt I'll get paid but I will place a lien on his house to secure the debt.

I really don't care about the money, I have lost larger amounts to bigger thieves than Mr Jones. However, I do want to expose him and hopefully prevent some other innocent family or hard working installers, being treated in the same way.

I am quite a wealthy man and would never openly call someone a thief unless I felt I could prove this. Mr Jones is welcome to sue me if he thinks he can prove that I have defamed him. You can judge for yourselves. I shall post a link to all the emails once I have converted them to PDF format, plus I will post the eventual outcome of the civil suit.



We removed over 3000 s/f of existing ceramic tile from this customers home that he said he was going to remove. The day we arrived on the job is when he asked us to do the work.

So he is complaining about paying $2500.00 for a $3500.00 job. Second. The guy working on the job was not a sub-contractor he was an Independent contractor. He is from Jacksonville working in Vero Beach.

I had asked him for a week to give me his bank info so I could make a deposit in his account. After a week he finally gave me his bank info but gave me the wrong information. But he received his money the following day. I spoke with him everyday several times a day.

The problem started when he asked the customer for another check for $ 2800.00 The customers wife called me on the phone to tell me and please to call her husband and tell him not to give him any more money. What I didn't know was this guy left the job called the other tile installer and told him not to go to the job. So that same day I paid him $1000.00 I sent him a w-9 which is required to get paid and he refused to send it to me. Also I lent him a $ 400.00 tool that he did not return to me.

So as far as Mr Ferrari (the complainer ) is concerned he still owes me $1000.00 for the work we have done. I really don't know what he is complaining about when he got $1000.00 worth of free work.

Now because he is so cheap, the word is out not to work for this guy and I did not put out that word. Rob Jones


It's clearly Mr Jones posting the 2nd comment. Who else other than he owner would use the term 'you customers'?

Thanks for the warning.

Some people have no morals, he is clearly one of those people.


You base your opinions on one sided truth.

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