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Diop Kamau, police ripped me off!

PoliceAbuse #1682216
So I have an idea for you genius, CALL THE COPS!!!! fool, you don’t get your way so you try to sue a police officer and your awesome cop investigator screws you over!!! Now what??? Call the cops!!! Oh my God dude thank you, I needed that laugh!! God you are such an idiot!
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Eastern Eight CDC - Johnson City, TN

Eastern Eight Cdc #1682213
This “ JUSTINCARY” is the same fool who was complaining about police getting discounts at Chick Fil A and now they are complaining they can’t get some free housing repairs!!! GET A LIFE LOSER!! Unreal, you are a veteran??? You might want to enact your GI bill and get a damn job so you can stop *** and whining about how you don’t get anything for free...GEEZE I AM LITERALLY EMBARRASSED FOR YOU! Cops get a discount so you have to pay inflated prices at Chick Fil A ( what is it, $6 for a sandwich fries and drink??) and now you want free house repairs??? I guarantee you that you get plenty of cigarettes, chips and soda! Use your TAXPAYER FUNDED free college and get a decent job!!!!
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Anya Grx
Instead of personally talking trash about me through this feed, how about we meet up in person and discuss it like adults. Name time a d place.