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1 And 1 Internet - 1 & 1 internet (sent to collections for like $)

I didn't want to renew my web hosting with 1 & 1 Internet. The credit card they had on file expired, so I just planned for them to close the account like most other web hosting companies do when they can't charge your credit card. Not 1 & 1 Internet, they sent me to NCO Financial Collection Agency, who calls daily. This is over $36 for web hosting I wasn't even using. Economy must be bad when a company will go to these lengths over $36. I won't do business with 1 & 1 Internet again. Nor will I recommend clients to do business with 1 & 1 Internet. So over $36, 1 & 1 will likely lose much more in future business.
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I had the same experience with them. They billed me $29.00 in advance for web hosting services that I haven't used.

Now NCO Financial is calling me daily for this amount. I don't owe them anything!

The next step is to file the consumer complaint with the state. Don't use the Better Business Bureau, it's a club with no enforcement authority.


This post is spot on. I had the exact same thing happen to me, with one exception.

I had no intention of canceling my hosting account, but I forgot that my credit card expired. Next thing I know NCO collections is calling me. Obviously I paid the 30 bucks. Then I called 1 & 1 to ask why they didn't contact me before collections, the response was that they could not possibly call every one who owed them money.

Next I find a collections on my credit report! Uggh... all because I forgot to update my credit card. Anyway, they could still have my business to this day...

but the credit report ugly mark was the last straw. I'd rather pay more for hosting else where.

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