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Mercedes Benz Of Beaverton - Worst customer experience experience ever

By far the worst service experience ever. Look before scheduling my service appointment I had read the reviews. Out of convenience I scheduled my appointment on canyon. Huge mistake. I own my 2015 glk 350, and had been having some issues with my brakes pulsating. When I called in the am they were not able to locate my information as they had just got a new system, I had to spell my name five times. She asked if I would need a loaner car and scheduled me for that evening 4/25/19 at 5:15. I arrived at 4:50 only to be told I didn't have an appointment. Then asked who I had spoke with. Luckily I had a text conformation showing I had an appointment with this rude so called service agent "Dylan Rothamel" who then when I explained I had called and schedule the night before so I could receive a loaner for work, where does this say anything about a loaner....ummm how about addressing the fact that I do have an appointment before going right into you don't get a loaner....then saying...I doubt we have one but I will check with our loaner something rather....I am going to need your drivers licence credit card and proof of eye contact curt, clacking away at his keyboard....continuing to say so what is your issue on why you are here? I begin to explain about my pulsating brake which he cuts me off and says well that is most likely a brake rotar issue that wouldn't be covered by warranty regardless.....ok ...Dylan before assuming that is the case could you take a look ...I mean have a person who is a mechanic who is certified to look at my Mercedes diagnosis this......I am thinking this...I do not say this....then he goes....OH.....Your warranty expires today. I was like today? I am here I asked when I called this morning, and no today is expired. He is like I will need to get authorization to see if I can even look at your car without first charging you diagnostic he asks his coworker..."yeah her warranty expires today does that work he says..."normally its the day previous that we stop servicing the car" I said is this a Mercedes of Beaverton policy? He said is Mercedes Benz period. He had also mentioned that I needed a software update so I inquired about that too, and he said...yeah that takes 30-45 minutes and you will need an appointment for that? Um-mm did I not schedule an appointment at 5:15 it is currently 5:05, I also inquire about the airbag recall, to which he says, yeah that is a thing, but that is not available yet for your year car. He then says so do you want to make an appointment to have your rotors looked at? Here is the thing, regardless I need my rotors fixed. Period. However I have never been treated so rudely or disrespectful ever. It was completely injust. I will take my car and my business anywhere but here. Do not partake at this establishment ...take the drive to Wilsonville, the family owned environment and care is well received and noted...I am going to post my experience on every social platform i can so this doesn't happen to another patron. BTW I had my husband call this DYLAN ROTHAMEL back who did not return his call as of yet, even though the receptionist said before his end of shift he would call back. Horrible Horrible Horrible experience.
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