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Amarna Entertainment is to be avoided at all costs

About record company Amarna Entertainment in Wembley - I had dealings with this company a while back - While first appearances seemed promising, it soon became clear that the organization is poorly run, out of touch with the market and is clinging on to forgotten successes by a thread. Advertised as a global company, with offices in many countries, this organization claims to be a major player in the music industry. This may have been true 30 years ago but there is little evidence of anything solid in recent years. Just google them for evidence of previous legal issues this company has been linked to. To be avoided at all costs
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I'm glad we weren't the only ones that got stitched up by this company. Despite so many personal assurances by Ron Winter that we would be paid, no invoice was ever settled.

People like this is why the music industry has such a bad name. If they are still trading (which I very much doubt) avoid, avoid, avoid!


Totally agree with MusicMan and Ashley Bird. If Ron Winter can abuse the trust of big name artists what hope do the rest of us have?

I did some work for Amarna Entertainment a long time ago and despite promises of payment no money was ever paid.

Nearly put my business out of business! Don't trust him as far as you can throw him


I had a 'deal' with this company. It broke me financially, I signed contracts that were never honoured.

Mr Winter is an absolute shark. I had dealings with some of the City's biggest Law Firms - one in particular told me: "have nothing to do with this man, he is dishonest and insincere"

If he can abuse the trust of established artists like Gladys Knight, new comers have no chance.


Agree with every word of a company we worked with Ron Winter and Amarna Entertainment on the Gladys Knight tour in 2009 not only did we not get paid (£17,000) which we are still owed. We were given so many personal promises by Mr Winter that the debt would be paid we lost count...we are a small company and this nearly put us out of business. As I understand it Gladys Knight and Tito Jackson are also yet to be fully not touch them with a barge pole....unless you want to lose money.

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