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Restoration Hardware Fails to Deliver

I placed order with Restoration Hardware (RH) in early June 2008 for an Ebony British Cane double crema sink (included base, sinks and top) as well as two Ebony medicine cabinets. The base/sink/top set was scheduled for delivery on July 11th, however, only the top/sink was delivered to my house on that date. When we called to see where the base was, we were told that we only ordered the top. Flabbergasted, I spent hours on the phone with RH to straighten out the order. Despite the fact that both the catalog that I ordered from, and the customer service agent who took my order, confirmed that I had indeed ordered a base and top set, and that all pieces were in stock, RH refused to acknowledge this and charged me an additional $600 plus tax/shipping for the base! As I had no sink in the bathroom, I paid. Now Ebony was out of stock and everything had to be Tobacco. Upon RH's direction, I refused delivery of the top, and instructed the delivery agent to hold the top until the base arrived. They also said to return the Ebony medicine cabinets at RH's expense as the Ebony base was no longer available and everything now needed be in Tobacco. Despite their promise to fix this problem at their expense, RH charged me for the shipping of the medicine cabinets. In the meantime, I had also ordered a matching Ebony mirror which had to be switched to Tobacco as well. On July 11th the Ebony mirror order was cancelled and replaced with a Tobacco mirror order. Nevertheless, I was charged for the Ebony mirror, which never arrived, AND the tobacco mirror, which was sent missing the hardware needed to hang it. It too had to be returned. I await refunds for both mirrors. The base (paid for twice) and top were scheduled for delivery again on July 25th. Without calling me, the delivery agent decided not to deliver the set because the top/sink was now damaged. I do believe that since the top had been at the delivery agent's warehouse for over three weeks at that point, they should have know before delivery day that the top was broken and should have been able to get a replacement top prior to the day of delivery. But they didn't. After the 2nd failed delivery, I spoke with 3 different customer service agents over 4 days. Wendy, James and Kevin all promised to resolve the problem & call back; none did. On the 5th day I spoke with Emily. After emailing her copies of the catalog that I used to order the original sink/base/top set, she did acknowledge that I paid for the entire set initially and agreed that the $600 + should be refunded - but this has not yet been done. Thankfully, she also expedited the shipping process for the replacement top/sink. The sink/top/base set was scheduled to be delivered again on August 2. However, on August 2nd the shipper called to say that now the base (which they had in their possession for nearly 2 weeks) was damaged and nothing would be delivered. The shipper was to call back with confirmation of a reorder - no call. Nor has their been a response to my email to the previously helpful Emily. In summary, I paid for a sink/top/base set from RH in June. I paid for the base twice as a result of RH's mistakes, and although a refund has been promised for the duplicate payment, it has not been executed. Despite 3 scheduled deliveries (7/11, 7/25 & 8/2) I do not have the item. In the mean time, the customer service rendered by RH has been laden with unfulfilled promises as well as a few outright lies. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with RH and yet I still have paid for items that have not been delivered, items I never received, returned items that were faulty and shipping for their mistakes. And to top it all off - I haven't had a sink in the bathroom for over a month! I took it out for the July 11th delivery and you can't just put one of those back in temporarily! My kids are washing their hands in the bathtub - this has got to end!!!! BTW - they are in zip code 94925 if you want to make a complaint with the BBB (like I did).
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