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Dr Rotem - Dr. Ronen Rotem is a butcher

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UpdAte request by Pisssed Consumers:

It is a month since I reported about Dr. Rotem. I have undergone three surgeries so far. I have had so much pain and all of it could have been avoided if Dr. Rotem had listened to my complaints in the first place.

I am now in the process of having 5 implants put in, they cannot put them all in at the same time so I have to wait 4 months after each one is installed so that it adhere to the bones. I had to have a sinus augmentation so I do not have problems with my sinuses due to the implant just below that area. That was extremely painful to go through, this week I go for another implant and bone grafting which will take another three hours in the chair. Now the time line is I will not be able to eat normally for the next 4 months ( due to the fact I have temporary caps and they fall out while I eat so I cannot eat anything hard or chewy)

My main food source are green smoothies, no corn on the cob or watermelon during this summer. Actually because of Dr. Rotem I have not been able to eat corn on the cob or anything of that sort, apples, or any hard fruit, well you get the idea, for the last 4 years.

This has caused me much physical and emotional pain.

Even when it is all finished I will never be the same. I have already stopped several people that almost made the same mistake I did, I am happy that I did that.

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My teeth were ruined and I am undergoing intensive minor surgeries to be able to eat again without pain. I had to have 7 teeth extracted because of what he did to me. I kept telling him there was something wrong and he ignored me teling me I was wrong until everything hit the fan. Stay away from this man. He worked on me and ruined my teeth, not it is taking over a year to put back what he took apart. He should not be in business. He is a DDS in the town of Toms River NJ. Everyone he touches has problems, plase be aware
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I too am having serious issues that are similar. I would love to talk to you to see what your outcome was. My number is 609849****


Please let me know if you were able toresolve I am in extreme pain and I dont know what to do 609 709 ****


Wish I read this before I spent 12K on implants that came out in a week and caused me infections in my gums


What happened? What did Dr. Rotem do that messed up your mouth?

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Canadian Health and Care Mall - Canadian Health & Care Mall

I placed the order and just the minute I submitted it I got a bad feeling then I checked to find it was a bogus company. I immediately tried to cancel my order, they were lightening fast and told me the order shipped already. Yeah right. I gathered all the info and reported it to my credit card company and they handled it from there. I got a charge back on my account. but that is not the end. I just got an email from them. To ad insult to injury this is their response to be, they think I will get nervous and reorder so they get to do it to me all over again. They wrote: "The thing is, that we are able to issue the refund ourselves without your credit card company interference. We would kindly request you to advise the reason of your act. This will help us to improve our customer support.Also we are sorry to inform you that your credit card rating is suffering if the mentioned transaction is performed.With the chargeback performed and the money taken returned to the owner`s card, the account of the owner is automatically put to certain black lists and there supposed to be different problems while ordering any other products using your credit card number. Once anyone has initiated a chargeback, they are looked on by the banks as a risk for future chargebacks. Being on this list may make it more difficult for you to purchase other items from other websites. Most banks subscribe to this list to avoid having potential future chargebacks.Still, we want to emphasize that in case you decline the chargeback operation we will reship your product for free if you still have not received one or we guarantee to refund your money in full. This will improve your credit card rating" If you get one of these do not be fooled they do not have the clout to get anyone on any list. In fact the banks, if they could pull this off, will look upon the company and wonder why the consumer was forced to do a charge back. Credit cards cannot charge back *** nilly they must have just cause. So do not be intimidated, Just stay away from this company. I was lucky my credit company fixed it for me. Good luck and do not let them get away with this garbage.
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I placed a order 2 months ago and have never received my order...Do not order from here


I was about to order, but got a bad feeling and googled to see if there were any reviews. I came across quite a few and non of them positive. I'll give it a big miss.


They have so many domains.... searched for Cafergot and countless websites offering Cafergot are this one bloody outfit.


These people are just full of ***. please don't buy any medication from this company.

those that say they received the medication are part of the whole scam. please don't buy into that ***.


My 74 year old grandfather who lives with us tried to order his RX with these vultures. Thank "Heaven" his credit card company called us shortly after he placed the order to let us know this company is a scam.

Shortly after he placed the order his card was used at an convenient store in the UK England. The card company worked with us quickly and closed the account.

The sad part of this he is intelligent and still works at a part time job with an attorney. He is embarrassed that this happened to him. How many others out there has this happen to and they won't say anything.

So see it can happen to all of us. Please all of you out there do your homework. These vultures need to be stopped.


Hi Jackson Cat

Thanks for your input. I hope more read your complaint and realize that "Yes" this can happen to all of us.

You sure have opened my eyes to be aware of scams that can *** you in the pocket book.

I looked up this Canadian Health & Care Mall and I noticed they don't have a phone number. "ALERT #1"

Let's get the message out there and I agree "Stop these Vultures".


Hi to both JacksonCat and Bailey

Wow I was trying to help my brother looking for pharmacies online because he is out of work and needs medication.

We almost placed an order with Canadian Health & Care Mall. I told him before we put his credit card number with this site let's do a search. Boy am I glad we did. You were right, there is no phone number. I like the way they tell you that 99% of customers buy online so there is no need to put a phone number.

If I had to I would work 2 jobs to help my brother pay for his medication and not get ripped off. I agree the "Vultures" (couldn't of said it better) need to be stopped :


You obviously do not know anything about scams: there is no company on paper, but there has to be people in waiting so they can perform a SCAM,, it cannot be a scam without PEOPLE, where is your head up your ***

Theya re there when it is conveninet for them to be, then they cahange their number and move on, so to speak but they do not have aqn office or a building tht they claim on the website. Anyone can put a photo onm a wesite and clainm it is theirs, the men that they call their doctors are not theirs they are just pictures of people in Doctor garb.

Folks why are you trying to defend the offenders and insluting the people that are trying to warn you.

These people can be sending you harmful pills in bottles that look like your pills or your generic pills. For me I got something that I never even heard of and could not find it in any PDR.

What if your mother bought from these people and she got very sick, would you we laughing then?

Just stay away and if anyone says they got there pills and they were fine then they are probaly one of the scammers.

Why do you listen to anyone on ther web, hyou do not know who it is that you arte listening to.

I reported this to the authorities and was assured that they were scammers but they do not have th resourses to go after every scam artist on the web, that is why they get away with it. they just do not have the time.

So please I will not answer *** comments if anyone is sincere and wants to talk I will answer, I am tired of wasting my time.

Just stay away, and if you don't that is your right, I just feel sorry for you and do not come here and complain.


Cindi, you say there is no such company yet you go on to say you received meds from them and then had an arguement with them ? so they do exist because of what you yourself have said.

3 of the people on this thread have received their meds ok and there are prob thousands of people who use them uneventfully.Some are obviously unlucky.I live in the UK and have nothing to do with this company whatsoever.I don't think you can just tell posters "you must be one of them " just because their experience is different from yours.


I do not understand why people say they are ok. This has been confirmed by my credit card compay that this company is a total scam, anyone that claims they ordered are probably one of them so be careful so no order from this company.

The pictures on their site are bogus, there is no such company.

Please folks do not order from them.

When I ordered from them I got a totally different medication that had nothing to do

with my medicatin.

Then they threatened me when I told them I was going to do a cash back because I wanted my money back. They said they were going to report me to the central credit card company, what ever that meant and that they would make sure I waa never allowed to charge anything again. That is how *** thee people are.

Of course nothing happened.

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