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I got "punked" by my local McDonalds!

I got "punked" by my McDonald's here in Tumwater, Washington! I bought a BigMac (or BigCrap as it turned out) to go. When I got home and opened this thing up, I found two dried out, dessicated hamburger patties, and a slice of cheese that was so old it was starting to change color. This thing had obviously spent some serious time under the heat lamps! They had included two pickle slices and about a quarter sized glop of their "special sauce." I think their concept of "special" is a little different than mine, as this also was dried out. There was no lettuce, no onion, nothing else. With tax, I paid $3.59 for this dog t**d! The worst part is, I honestly believe they did this on purpose. It was late in the evening and the employees were a little bored and decided to "punk" the old gray haired dude. They're probably still laughing about what I thought when I opened that bag. But the final joke is on them. I've been patronizing McDonald's for over 40 years, but I'm done. I have other fast food options!
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iminafog- Did you complain to the store manager? I realize that the original complaint is a few years old but whenever I am "punked," I write to the manager or corporate office.

I almost always get free food as compensation. I never let a company get away with what you had to or food or not.


This is an answer to "David". No, I DIDN'T get what I paid for.

That was the problem.

But it's not a problem anymore. I don't go to McDonald's.


What do you expect? It's McDonalds.

If you want a real food go somewhere else. You get what you pay for.


come on now your going to a place that is run by kids that dont give a *** about u or your food, you dont have to many choices anymore for they are all run by kids.Skip lunch until you can go to a sit down place and have a nice lunch or dinner.

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