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Lowes - Rebate at Loes no good

After spending 1700.00 at Loes for a dishwasher and washer and dryer I was promised a 60.00 rebate The rebate arrived in the mail after a few weeks in the form of a Visa debit card from Metal bank... Try to activate the plastic card was an extreme example of frustation that took two hours on the phone and internet with no sucess. I took the card to the store and the customer service desk was not much help. I left the card on the desk and will not be their customer any more, I hope nobody else has this rip off experience..
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These cards can now be cashed in at the service desk.


For real man, it is clearly not Lowe's fault. Partly, its your fault for being so *** impatient!

The bank or VISA is to blame.

Lowe's doesn't issue these cards and no, none of our employees are going to split the freaking money on those cards. I swear, some ppl on here are so ***.

@Lowes worker

Why shoulh he have to kiss youre rear end to cash a rebate?


Please tell me how you can be pissed at Lowe's because the ACTIVATION PROCESS wasn't easy enough for you? Does Lowe's have anything at all to do with that? Maybe you should be on here whining about Visa or Metal Bank instead.


The rebate game. I've had similar problems with rebates.

They make it sound easy. It shouldn't be used ???Try too get it back. That's sixty $$$. May be they can issue a new one.

If some undertrained employee didn'y use it.

Becuse they didn'y KNOW what to do with it. They were to split it with there manager.

#26269 response yet from Lowes Knows (He actually knows jack****) and his moronic lowes lawsuits line?????


Oh, and by the way, Our store is spelled read real closely now.... LOWES, not loes.

Just thought you'd like to know. :)


Well, well, well....looks like I finally beat "Lowes Knows" (that that's all he can apparently say, his *** www.lowes lawsuits thing. But anyway, back to the rebate card, that is not LOWES FAULT, it's the activation process WITH THE CARD!!

We @ Lowes did not manufacture the card!!!!! If that were the case, in MY LOWES we would have just ended up giving you store credit @ the service desk.

You, being one of our usual customers, could not figure this out and think to ask the appropriate person. I hope the terminated Lowes rejects @ Home Depot are more helpful

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