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Has anyone tried using this Wen Poduct & what do you think about it? From a black person point of view; I have tried it and it leaves your hair soft but without the balm its very dry and frizy. The styling cream leaves it dry and very hard. So please respond,would like...
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I have super curly hair that’ll get pretty dry quick if not moisturized properly. I’ve used Wen, the pomegranate line for like 5 years.

It made my hair grow super fast in my opinion, and my hair and curls were so soft. Lots of people of all races were complimenting how nice my curls looked. When I was in college, I played basketball and we didn’t even have time to eat, let alone, do our hair lol. Wen was so easy!

Wash in the shower, then reapply as a leave in , and blow dry or air dry. The gel stuff made my hair frizzy tbh, it wasn’t like, strong enough I guess? Lol. But the conditioner and the six thirteen were great!

The only thing is the way I used it, I’d reapply it like every couple of days and after a week, you’ll kinda start seeing it clump and make white residue. I’m sure any product will do that when you use a lot of it though. But anyway, As far as straightening my hair with Wen, I didn’t get that sleek salon look even with the straightening oil or anything, so I didn’t straighten my hair anymore. But overall, I think it’s wonderful for natural curls!

I wish they would make some type of gel or other moisturizers though for our coarser hair so that we can have that professional look lol. Sorry for the super long comment :(

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