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Bubbles Carwash - Bubbles Car Wash in Katy - Do not go there if you value your car

I purchased a voucher for a car wash. When I got there they asked me if I wanted to upgrade to their full hand wash and detail package. I went ahead and did it because they promised my car would be as clean as a whistle inside and out. Before I had even made it into the reception area to pay for the service, someone came out and started throwing everything I had in my car in a plastic bag, I heard CD cases break, etc. Then he turned to me and asked me if it was all trash. I told him no and he continued to throw my possessions in a plastic bag. They said it would take a few hours since it was a full service car wash. Six hours later and about twenty minutes before closing, I went ahead and called them, since I couldn't leave my car overnight and they said it had been ready for a while. When I went to pick it up I had a couple of wonderful surprises. One, the car still had pollen and dirt on it. It literally looked like they hadn't so much as run water on it. When I asked what happened they said the dirt was embedded and would not come out unless I buy their $300+ special package, that water wouldn't do anything. I walked to my car and took out a towel and ran it, dry, across the "stains" and they came right out. Then I noticed the big one, my windshield had a crack in it. Not a little crack, but a foot long crack right down the middle. When I told them, as politely as I could manage by then, that they had broken my windshield they completely denied that was them and said it was already like that. When I asked to speak with a manager, they brought out their "windshield expert" who was the same guy who had been throwing the contents in my car in a bag and he told me sometimes small cracks get bigger because of temperature changes but that it wasn't their fault. I insisted they fill out a claim and they finally did. I was supposed to hear back from them within a few days and...not a word. I called and left messages over a dozen times and never heard back from them. On top of it all, when I unsubscribed from their e-newsletter, the manager called me to ask why I had done it. As soon as I started to explain why I was never, ever going to take my car there again, he remembered who I was and hung up on me. Way to go, Bubbles.
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Dear Auntiebel,

I have checked with all of my management team at this location and NO ONE can recall the incident you speak of. Do you have a copy of the claim form?

We always provide the customer with a copy in the event of any type of incident.

Please let me know and thank you.


I want to make sure i dont use that one


theres 3 washes on mason


It is on Mason Road.


whats the physical address of that car wash

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Jeff Hass Mazda - Know what you're getting

I bought a car from them a few years ago. The guy that was selling me the car told me I would get 0% financing. When we got to the financing department they told me that particular car (not my credit) didn't qualify and went on this big explanation about how it would make no difference to the bottom line. I should have run then. Since my old car was almost literally falling apart and I really liked this one, plus 7% interest was not too bad, I made the mistake of buying it. The description of the car said multiple cd changer. Not so much, turns out that was an option (and no, I didn't misinterpret it, I still have the sign from the window advertising the cd changer as an actual feature). The hood had a very deep ding, the man who sold me the car said he'd have the whole hood changed. A week later, the dent was still there, just painted over. After 6 more tries, I gave up and decided to live with the ding. They sold me on all their service options, loaner cars for any service, ride to and from work if needed, discounts and set prices for maintenance, great warranty, etc. Within three months, I started seeing the reality of the situation. First they upped the prices of the "set" maintenance (sure, your booklet says 70 dollars, but it's now 95 plus taxes). They would only offer me a loaner car if I was doing major maintenance. When I asked for rides to and from work, they didn't want to pick me back up from work (and I only work maybe 5 miles from the dealer). Thankfully I was very nice to the gentleman who drives the shuttle and he would come get me anyway. Though now he's getting in trouble from the management. They look for any and all reasons not to fix things on warranty, at some point they accused me of chipping the paint off my own car door. Finally, three years out, now that they can see I'm not going to trade in anytime soon, they take forever to get anything that's covered by the warranty. The tires are under warranty too and they have told me the tires were fine more than once only to have them go flat, etc, literally within a week. I'm not saying they are a terrible company, but they are not truthful about what they offer so beware
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