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Briar Manor - Worst rental experience ever

Where do I start? The rude office people? The rude maintenance people? How about the fact that management had carpet installed at 8:30am above my head without notifying me in advance? That seems like a good place to start. Problems started with the upstairs apartment within the first couple of months. The people upstairs were excessively noisy and kept us up at all hours of the night. They were constantly stomping on the ceiling so hard the building would shake and we would fear for our lives. Multiple noise complaints resulted in getting us nowhere even though there's a portion of the lease that states if our neighbors are being noisy the leasing office has the right to kick them out- yeah, right. Once the people upstairs moved out management decided not to investigate the cracks in the beam that they had caused or the cracks in our ceiling that had formed over their abuse. They instead decided to install carpet starting at 8:30 am which woke me up and the installers started in the bedroom area. The installers were incredibly rude to me and slammed the door in my face when I went upstairs to check out what had woke me up. I thought bombs were going off it was so loud. Complaints to the leasing office again did nothing and it appears they are trying to fill the vacant upstairs apartment despite their admission that there is something wrong with the floor/ceiling up there. There are laws about getting a building inspector up there but you know, until I call the attourney general on them they're going to be completely uncooperative. As if that wasn't bad enough, you won't be able to find parking in this place unless you rent a carport for an additional $25/month and even then you might not be able to park in that spot you pay for because a gigantic SUV beside you is going to keep parking in the middle of the two spots and threaten to ruin your paint job. Sure, when they show the apartments during the day everything seems so serene and innocent but this place is absolute ***. What good is an apartment if you can't park your car? Multiple break-in attempts as well. One day we came home and found our bedroom window screen had been ripped out as though someone had tried to enter into our apartment that way (thank god I lock the windows when I'm not home). My bike was stolen from out front despite being locked to a pole and it was later brought back by the police with broken brakes. Sometimes when I'm sitting at home alone I hear people approach my door and try to break their way in that way. A couple of times my roomate caught the teenager doing it but it hasn't discouraged the behavior. Again, told the leasing office about it and again, they did nothing. To be completely honest, college housing cares more about their tennants (and that's saying something). I've spent almost the entire time I've lived here planning where else I'm going to move. Apartment living shouldn't be this bad. It's just a real shame. A bit of building code to substantiate my claims about the cracks and why they should be investigated: §[C26-1002.2] 27-597 Questionable construction. - If, upon inspection, it is found that a construction or any part thereof, as built, shows open cracks, spallings, or other signs of distress; or should inspection records show more** significant deficiency of construction; or should laboratory tests on concrete or other materials that have been incorporated into the work indicate deficiency of strength; or should there be a reasonable doubt as to the strength, stability, or adequacy of the construction or any part thereof, such construction may be checked to verify the adequacy thereof either by computation, or by core or load tests conducted in accordance with the provisions of section 27-598 or subdivision (b) of section 27-599 of this article or by any combination of these means. Should the adequacy of construction not be verified within a reasonable time, such construction shall be rejected and shall be demolished or reinforced or rebuilt to be made safe in conformance with the requirements of this code. In the event of a disagreement, the final decision as to the acceptance of the work shall be made by the commissioner." But you know, they're going to try to break the law any way. This is how Briar Manor does business.
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