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Roca Labs - Weight Loss

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I purchased this product in 2012 and Fortunately it really worked for me. I actually lost 21 pounds and never gained it back. I started taking the product in April of 2012 and ended it in July of 2012. I don't know if I just started changing my eating habits or was just desperate to lose weight....what ever the case was I lost the weight. I was about to order some more of this product and ran across this article of the law suit and was shocked to know that this was all a fraud and deceptive matter of selling the product. i will go to Medi Fast as soon as I have a few days off from work and start on another 20 lb. I would like to thank the FTC for trying to protect the consumer and looking out for their welfare when it comes to these cheating, greedy, careless thugs. We, the consumers are at the mercy of these careless thugs.
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did lose weight in 2012

I’m confused, you lost the weight so now you’ve read something that’s incriminating on him and you are jumping on the train? Thank you for the weight you have loss would be more appropriate.

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I used the product successfully and wish I could buy more.

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