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Shame on USAA. I have insured everything I have through USAA for over 11 years. I also do banking and credit cards with them. During the April 27-28 tornado storms that hit the south, we had big hail damage to our roof, cars, siding, lawn, vegetable gardens, and the basement flooded. Knowing we had no flood insurance since nothing this serious ever happened in our area, we were planning on spending thousands to fix that out of our own pocket. Knowing we had hail insurance, we depended on that to fix the roof and the siding, the leaking chimney, etc. Well, USAA told us we had to come up with $13,500 deductible, since they changed the deductible after Katrina. Shocked, I called them and they pointed the new deductible out on the policy, which I don't look at. We usually make the changes over the phone, they send us the policy, and we file it away. Apparently USAA changed its own policy and claimed they sent us a notice in the mail. I never saw the notice. They changed the deductible to 2% of the policy coverage, or otherwise the value of the house. As if we had $13,500 just waiting around for us to spend. All these years, we are paying thousands in insurance premiums, and when we needed them, they were not there. If I had only known, I would have either changed the policy or the company. What a shameful act from a company that claims to care about its 'military' customers. USAA, listen to me carefully: I am pulling everything from you, closing all my accounts with you, and to *** with your new policies. Renee Jackson, Tennessee
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Need to find someone in or around Brownsville, Texas.

A attorney / someone to help me fight USSA home / fire damaged claim.



We are going through the same situation! We're a "valued" customer of 13 years and filed a claim, learning that our deductible was changed to 2%. I'm glad as a "valued" customer that they do what's better for them and place all the financial hardship on the customer.


I received a letter today from USAA stating that they are canceling my homeowners policy. I've had three claims in the past three years.

Two were weather related and the other, water damange due to an air conditioner. The most recent claim was due to the April tornado damage in Alabama. I'm surprised and disappointed. I've paid my premiums on time and have an excellent credit rating.

My cars are also insured with USAA.we've been good customers for several years.

I don't know whether to talk to them and see if they will reconsider or start looking for a new agency. Any advice?


"the policy, which I don't look at"

Totally your fault.

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