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The Truth about DPBUK.Co.Uk

The easiest way to set up an e-commerce business is to buy a business package that comes loaded with a website and products. However, are all business packages available on the market useful? Definitely not! There are many companies that sell cheap websites loaded with generic products, which are a way too expensive as business packages. Many people waste their money on such packages. In addition, once they buy them, they keep spending more resources, time and money in order to earn some profits through them. This usually results in huge losses and disappointment. If you are planning to buy an online business package, you should do a thorough research about the companies offering such packages. In this blog, we are giving you reviews about DPBUK. DPBUK offers online business solutions. They sell around 15 different types of business packages to serve different customers. claims that you can make good profits through their business solutions, but it is not true. There are varied reasons for it. "¢ They Are Not Genuine Wholesalers: DPBUK is not a real wholesale firm. When you place an order with DPBUK, they forward it to some other wholesale firms that ship the products to your customers. As the company does not source products directly from manufacturers and distributors, but rather use wholesale firms for dropshipping, their products are expensive. It is difficult to sell their products online at decent mark-ups. "¢ Their Business Websites Are Useless: For selling profitably, you need a website that is well designed so that it ranks high on search engines and attracts customers. However, DPBUK offers badly designed e-commerce websites. Moreover, all their websites are the same. The problem with duplicate websites is that they lack character and therefore fail to catch the attention of customers. Search engines also dislike them and they are either ranked low or are not included in search results. "¢ They Do Not Update Information On Stocks: DPBUK does not own inventory. Therefore, it does not provide up-to-date information on stocks. This causes problems for sellers, as they do not know if the product they are selling is in the stock or not. Stock shortages often lead to customer complaints. Also, Please see : Briefly, DPBUK is not a preferred online business solution provider. You should look for other options for buying a business package. In addition, to avoid dropship scams, you should do plenty of research before associating with any dropshipping firm.
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Mandy, I have a couple of questions for you.

Firstly, when you contact support about refunding your money, have you asked them for contact details for Dpbuk refunds? Also, are the support staff called Caroline or Cathy? If they are, then they are lying to you.

If you are having trouble phoning Dpbuk, go to Google maps, type in Dpbuks' address (69 Flixton Road) you will see a banner for a Chartered Accountant. Try calling the number on the banner, as this is the same address as Dpbuk, they should be helpful enough to pass the call onto Dpbuk.

Dpbuk do state that if you cancel your account with them, it is your responsibility to cancel the subscription but, they have no right to refuse a refund for services that they are not supplying.

If you have any difficulty in obtaining a refund, I would advise going to the police.


I too am after a refund from DpbUk after they took out the annual subscription almost a year after I cancelled the website I bought through them.

they are not replying to any emails and the support team, who are very nice and always reply, claim they are in a totally seerate part of UK and have nothing to do with the money side of the business

I did ask paypal but they said they cannot do anything as I should have cancelled the subscription myself

this is just plain rediculous. It's almost £90 they took from me and I need that money back.

they must have a proper complaints procedure or an ombudsman who can help??

I am away to contact paypal again ##any advice appreciated

I wont stop til I get my money back :(


Mardon,Thanks a ton for your suggestion. I guess I'll do that now and let’s see how it goes. Thanks again :)


ChriS, don't bother trying to get a refund from them, they won't give you one. Contact your credit card company, like I've stated. They issue the refund and then they pursue Dpbuk for the money.


@ Mardon : You did?? You must be from the very very lucky lot of theirs.

The customer care even failed to recognize me for some time when I called them and said, its about a refund.

Trust me nothing is ever free. Its just a trick to attract fools like us.


I, too, was caught out by Dpbuks' website.

However, after seeking legal advice, I discovered a loop-hole that allowed me to re-claim my credit card payment.

Dpbuk claim on their website that you will receive, as part of your purchase, a FREE marketing plan worth hundreds of pounds. After purchasing their product, they supplied me with a link and a banner to purchase this FREE marketing plan for £34.97.

Because this plan is advertised as FREE, and Dpbuk then charge you for it after purchasing their site, this negates any agreement between yourself and Dpbuk.

I filed a claim with my credit card company for a refund. They sent me a claims form to fill in and asked me to send in any proof that I had. I had printouts from Dpbuks' site regarding the FREE marketing plan and printouts of the link/banner and the page where they charge for the marketing plan.

After a few weeks, I received my refund.

Unfortunately, I was unable to re-claim my Paypal payments as Paypal do not refund on products which are not 'Tangible' products.

I hope that this information is of some use to someone out there.


SCAM SCAM SCAM.... I wish I could write this a million times right now.

That's how pissed I am right now with DPBUK.CO.UK. They took almost every penny of my little savings and when I was not happy with their service, I asked for a refund, I was refused.

Its given in the website that we get to keep 100% profits. Well, you wont even get back what you spent, forget about profits.


I understand your pain. Even a friend of mine had fallen victim to this

He lost his job during the recession and was home for some time. Since he had to run the house, he decided to make at least some money. He signed up with them and ended up paying 5 times more than what he was promised. Even after going through all this, he never made a single penny for days and finally when he got a chance, all they said was, the product is not available and he had to turn down his customer.

When he got furious and wanted to cancel the account, guess what??

He was asked to pay a cancellation fee. So, please stay away from and their scams.


I have been a victim of DPBUK scam. Not only had I lost my money to them, but also my regular customers.

Once I called them for the refund and they denied to recognizing me. They would just squeeze as much money as possible from you and you will end up in no man's land.

Please please stay away from them. :cry :(


Thanks a ton for the review. You definitely saved me from scammer like

After reading your review, I searched for their scams and frauds and learnt the truth. You are right about the website. By the look of it, anybody can make out that it is a scam. I also got to know that it’s owned by a company that owns a group of scam dropship websites, all selling the exact same packages but disguised behind different domain names.

Please stay away from if you don’t want to end up losing money over nothing.

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