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Turnberry Apartments - Turnberry has stolen money from many families.

Turnberry Apartments one of the highest crime areas in Norman, OK. You'll be pulled over, just for driving through here. In the past year, there have been three different managers, two of them accused of embezzlement and drug activity, and the current one is no better. They claim they have no records, so they expect tenants to pay again and again and again. The heat and air do not work properly, never have in the six or so years I've been here. This month, on around April 5, we got a notice on the door telling all tenants we have to live without hot water for almost a month. Eventually, they opened one apartment, expecting tenants to use the same bathtub!!! The current manager is the rudest of all, and that is saying a lot! They get you in with the 'bills paid', but when nothing works, is it really worth it? I think not!!!
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Melanie is the worst and most unprofessional manager on the face of the planet! I cannot understand for the life of me that every time a work order is placed, it never gets completely fixed and then weeks go by (maybe months) and next time you mention it, they act like you didn't tell them about the problem, so it must be my problem, right?

The manager is definitely on drugs or something and this place is getting super shady. I have lived here almost two years and am on my way out! I can't take the drama anymore. I agree with the one consumer, the all bills paid gets you in the door, but when nothing is fixed, the water is turned off 6-8 times a month, and you have to deal with the unprofessionalism of a manager who makes her own rules...well, it's time to go on and find a new place to live.

It's on my to do list. Believe me and DO NOT LIVE here. You will regret it eventually.

I could tell you stories, but then that would only allow them to know who I am. This place can suck it!


Well, I don't know about all of these things, I moved in around August of 2011. Melanie the new manager is absolutely wonderful!

Whenever something messes up they are there to have it fixed as soon as possible.

We have never had any of these problems, and we have lived here of two years now. Melanie has done an awesome job cleaning the place up!


I've lived here for more than 3 years and the water issues aside, I love it here! Melanie has worked her tail off trying to rebuild this place,like when 55 lower units flooded after one of our big rains.Instead of trying to just make it LOOK better,they are rebuilding the place with tenants in the units so it MAY take a little time for someone to come out and fix your toilet that won't stop running,etc.If I can fix, I do, yes maintenance can but they are a great crew of guys and work hard all day long.I hate that the rent keeps going up but Melanie has NO control over that,the money for the rebuild has to come from somewhere to make this not only a stable place to live in OK weather but is trying to *** out the criminal elements.To the person who has been here 6 years,why are you still here?!Leave!

Please leave! To the one afraid they may figure out who you are but what you do or do not say speaks volumes,again,please,just leave. We have far too many princes & princesses in Norman being so close to campus,this is an ALL BILLS PAID apartment! If you do not or cannot realize that comes with minor glitches, you too should please just leave.

For Melanie & her crew, I have lived in every possible housing this place has to offer & I loved them all.

If I had my remodeled one bedroom back, I'd never leave. ;)


It didn't get this bad 'til the past year or so, and being disabled, I don't have the money to just pick up and leave whenever I want, but someone like you, obviously, wouldn't understand that. I'm moving at the first of the month, and am thanking God that I'll finally be rid of this place and its drama, and jerks like you!


Then why have you stayed so long retard! :upset :upset :upset

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