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N1Best - Easily One Of The Biggest Wholesale Scammers

If you were recommended N1 for dropshipping or as a supplier for your online retailing business, run as fast as you can away from the company as well as the person who recommended them. It is as obvious as daylight that this is a scam company. There are hundreds of reports posted about them by victims who have experienced the darker side of the company. In fact, it is now crystal clear that it is the only side they have. They make tall promises when you call them, guarantee to deliver faster than others, and then make odd excuses at the eleventh hour about shipping issues and shortages. They operate under different names. In fact, it would seem that they themselves are pretty confused about the issue and use different names while answering the phone. They are Select Wholesale one minute and Marnleys Wholesale the next. It is quite possible that they have a few more aliases and quite a few accomplices spread across various e-commerce sites. Products, if they get delivered at all, are downright trash quality. They do not respond to complaints on the phone satisfactorily, nor do they give any reasons for delivering defective products. They are doubly quick when it comes to taking your money, but there is absolutely no possibility that they have ever refunded to any of their customers. They coolly claim that they have no record of purchases even when you produce the tracking numbers. There is no doubt that this is n organized scam of the highest order. Please refer the following link: N1, n1,"”they are all crooks of the same scam party waiting for you to make that one false move, and then your money will be gone for good. If you Google them, you are sure to find a whole lot of reviews that slam their services. There are quite a few newcomers who have fallen for their impossibly high discount schemes and lost tons of money. If you find a positive review about, you can be pretty sure that it has been posted by the scammers themselves to attract more innocents into their trap. There are a bunch of fake reviews that they have somehow managed to get posted on reputable wholesale forum sites, but there is enough evidence overall to scream, "Scam!" Do yourself a favor, and find someone else from reputable directory sites unless you have lots of money to throw away on scammers like
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Stay away from N1best. Very true Dennis; they are definitely the biggest wholesale scammers. I would like to add couple of points more to justify your statement. I recently visited their website and it does not even have “About us” page. All they have to offer is broken deals and busted products. The same person who owns N1best has been involved in other scam sites as well:



• Marley’s Wholesale Limited


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