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I have a huge party to attend to about 2 weeks from now and was desperately looking for a nice dress. After constantly searching for a dress that will satisfy me i finally came upon a a nice dress at and placed an order. The wait for the dress was long but i patiently waited for it and today it finally came. I opened the packaging and was shocked to see a dress of absolutely poor quality. Loose threads everywhere, details on the lace were coming undone and one strap was longer than the other. I asked a professional tailor to look at it and he honestly said it was a used dress. Obviously displeased, I went to their site and asked for a refund. First off, i would like the say the customer service of the employees were horrible. I connected to live chat and was talking to them but they disconnected and cut me off about 4 times. Finally i got hold of a representative that will actually listen and to my disbelief she said that the dress was in perfect condition even AFTER i emailed them the pictures of the worn out dress. I kept trying but they still refused to give me a refund simply stating that "This is standard tailoring, we cannot refund a custom made dress". Sure, that makes sense but since when does selling worn-out, seemingly second hand items become a STANDARD of merchandise production? I did not post this to seek sympathy, i posted this to warn other customers of this *** company. Do not buy from them and do not believe "Willing to take back damaged items", because i have witnessed first-hand how much truth that phrase contains.
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I received the wedding dress, it is beautiful. Before I bought it, I knew it must be replic according to the price. You want to buy the originalwith lower price?


That's fair. But nonetheless, I still refuse to buy another "custom colour, custom size" dress from Hong Kong or China :P. It is honestly a fear now :S


I completley agree with you, the customer service you have received is terrible but I am just pointing out that all the people that have received a good dress like myself would'nt start a forum on how good the service was and thats the only reason why I added on my experience with them.


When a professional tailor tells me its used, and it came with loose threads and beading all over the place, it is pretty bad. Not even Forever 21 would carry something like that.

I tried looking for reviews online for this site, but none were good. The screw ups they had with their customers are pretty much unforgiveable.

100% satisfaction guarenteed right? Not so much with this site.


Thats the problem though isnt it, you only hear the bad things about a site because as a nation we complain about things far more than we write a compliment about a site thats why I thought I would add on my experience with them.


I see the site reopened. I checked on it a while ago after I saw the comment saying that it closed down. Nonetheless, it is clear that there are many horrible reviews about this site, and I felt the need to warn other consumers


I can still access the charliesbridal site, I'm in the UK and I have just posted a review on it regarding the dress I purchased.



What? There's no way, the site closed down weeks ago


I have just received my wedding dress from knowing it was a replica and I have to say for the price I paid I am very impressed! It was delivered within 5 weeks and really good quality. it needs to be pressed and fitted to me professionally but I was fully expecting this when I ordered.


Totally agree, bought my bridemaids dresses and are very poorly when i go to email them the site has disappeared!! Was not very impresses with them but have to make do as the wedding is too close to have new ones made!!

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