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Wagner Pharmacy bad customer service and gets rid of good and caring staff

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Wagner Pharmacy Clinton, IA

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I was at the Pharmacy the other day and the staff was rude and short with me. I went in to pick up my medicine and noticed the girl that had been behind the counter for over twenty years was no longer there. She had been there for over twenty years. When I asked about her the Pharmacist in charge at the clinic store was rude and short with me telling me they cleaned house. I was appauled by this response so I am no longer getting my drugs filled there. I was also told by another staff member that they have fired or made their staff members so upset they would quit. They have gone through 13 employees in the last year. Great business NOT
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I wasnt suprised to come across this site! I had NOTHING but troubles w/ this so called business!

The owner's wife doesnt know what she is doing. She messed up my 6 mo old daughters medication several times and tried blaming it on me!? She made outragous accusations saying the only way what happened could have was if I had frozen the medication. Well I talked to a few other pharmacist from other locations and they informed me that the only way the medication could have done what it did was if the pharmacist who made it- mixed it incorrectly!

Shes an *** who doesnt deserve to be a pharmacist.

Not only that but the way she treated me every time I came into the store was TERRIBLE! She sat behind the counter and talked *** about me less than 5 feet away loud enough for me to hear.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the company- lot of good it did me when her husband owns the place. I sent a copy of my complaint to the Better Business Buerau and the Iowa Board of Pharmacy as well as other organizations.

I wouldnt trust this place w/ my medications if it was the last place in town.


This is absolutely sad but true. There were four witnesses to this event (including the poor woman who this awful remark was towards).The way employees are treated at Wagner Pharmacy in Clinton, Iowa 52732 is a disgrace.

This person defined as princess aka diva needs a reality check of the real world..but I guess that is hard when everyone does everything for her and gets babied. This poor woman who was asked if she was a \"retard or color blind\" has had several Migraines due to her harsh treatment from the clinic Pharmacist in charge.


treating employees with respect will go a long way-cursing and swearing has no place in the working environment. if someone makes a mistake it does not mean you ask them if they are retarded or color blind - the world does not revolve around divas there really are no princesses in the real world.

take a look around would you want to be treated this way? How do you say, your daughter/wife treats employees like *** this is not acceptable if you want things to go smooth in a company first address the situations that are causing the problems- stress and anxiety make a bad environment for everyone.


wagner pharmacy seems like a great place to work, but shortly after working there you could tell who ran what. The owners wife he seems like a airhead runs the show there and at home.

Who can honestly pass and become a pharmacist but doesn't know how to do life's simplest chores, cooking, cleaning and what not I mean come on if you don't know what a crock pot is how do you know anything about drugs or anything else i mean come one its not rocket science to know what simple cooking essentials are! I find it ridiculous how there employees are treated but its been stated that if the princess doesn't like you, you wont be there long! I love a lot of the people that work there and some should step up to mistreatment and help shut this place down. Its sad that people who see only whats on the outside can sit an judge weather or not former employee was doing their job correctly or not.

I myself have heard comments from upper management about fellow employees and its not in good profession to sit and discuss others and how poor they are doing and how to get rid of them or clean house as you stated. It was a mistake for the company to be left in these so called professionals hands.

Maybe this upper managment should look further into the problems and realize maybe its the precious princess that is running the show that's screwing everything up. Have a wonderful day!!


Rx Customer...aka OWNER! Listen an ex-employee from Wagner Pharmacy..I and many of others have witnessed and heard the owner of Wagner's tell Kathy that she is irreplaceable and two weeks before she was canned told that if she could be cloned he would do it in a heartbeat.

This termination is all because someone is jealous and vindictive..and tracks need to be covered because someone does not have self control. How long is it gonna take before professionalism as far as "employees" are treated begins to happen? This is pretty sad that the owner ALL OF A SUDDEN is now saying that Kathy is a bad employee who doesn't listen and DOESN'T DO HER JOB PROPERLY?? Now come on that is the biggest lie you have ever told!..After 24 years..on her 24th year of working all of a sudden she does something wrong?

I DON'T THINK SO! I and SOOO many people can agree to this including yourself but you are so blinded at the moment. And to say to a customer that Kathy is "Not a team player and negative" is a little out of bounds when you know that is not true. She has done so much for you guys within that company.

And I personally love that there was no proof for her termination. It was just a lame excuse to can her! And 24 years does mean something by the way..if she was such a horrible employee who couldn't do her job, was negative, and not a team player do you honestly think she would have made it there that long...NO!!!!

But the minute new owners take over and get on their high horse kick! Go back to wherever you came from we know you wont have a hard time leaving your family behind!


Well amen to this!!!!!! It is pretty sad that the owners have to get on here and make up statements to try and make their business look good.

I was a customer there until they fired Kathy Stewart (the tall red head) that was employed for 24 years there. She was always nice and went above and beyond for me and all of the customers I witnessed her dealing with! Kathy was the only one who took the time for me and always greeted me by my first name and knew what I needed. Now, that is customer service!

She was fired because the owner did not like her and made up lies to write her up about. Tell me how a business treats their employees well when they go through 13 employees in a year and a half? Obviously the statements that have been made on here are the truth! I do not appreciate you insinuating that I am a sour grape!

I was a customer there and I have a right to be heard. Maybe all of the unhappy customers and your former employees (sour grapes) should get on here and tell their story!

I will do some research and make sure every unhappy customer and former employee has the right to be heard. You have no idea who I am and what I do in this community!


Amen to that! I transferred in my medications late last year and have had only good experiences.

I go their downtown location, and sometimes to the one in Medical Associates because my doctor is there. I've always been treated courteously, and feel valued by them as a customer, a feeling I didn't have at my previous pharmacy!

I'm not sure who is so mad at them and who they have helping them with these *** posts but I don't even know what the real story is and I can tell these are lies. Get a life and stop being so prejudice while you're at it, Clinton has many immigrants who do alot for the community!!!


I am a Wagner customer and have been very happy and satisfied with the service I've recieved at all locations. The preceeding statements don't sound like "pissed off customers" sounds more like sour grapes by the person that got released!

20 years experience doesn't guarantee a job if the person is not performing his/her job properly. The place is run as a business, so doesn't "clean house" for the heck of it. The person released either wasn't adequately performing his/her job or was guilty of multiple infractions. A business doesn't let people go just for the heck of it!

As for the statement about the owners being from Bulgaria, all I can say is "welcome to America!" Our country was founded by immigrants. If you're a racist and only do business with the Arian race, then I'm glad I won't see you when I shop at Wagners. And I don't believe there are residency restrictions for business ownership.

It's all a lot of sour grapes...most probably by the offending employee and friends. Stop bashing a good business because someone couldn't perform his/her job properly!


Dear ?? You couldn't of said it better!

That business will be ran into the ground because of of that family that took over Wagner's. The lady who is head of Human Resources doesn't even have a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management...just a 6 or 7 hour course that is rewarded with a certificate..not 120 hours of actual schooling, but makes the same wage as someone with a real education in that particular department. Does anyone see the problem with this picture????????

They are paying their family members more than their employees who actually do something! MISTREATMENT???


I used to work there and the employees are treated awful. There are favorites.

Many of the employees that are the old staff did the dirty work for the owners and now the young owners, especially the young female Bulgarian is a complete joke. She is running the business into the ground.

Her mom and dad work there and have more power than the President. The whole family is smucks!!

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