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Subscriptions4less - Class action lawsuit anyone??

Subscriptions4less has stolen thousands of dollars from us. Look at how many people have viewed these posts and multiple that by $20. That's over $10,000 right there. Imagine how many people don't even know they've been screwed over yet. Something needs to be done. These criminals deserve some serious jail time. EBay and Paypal are certainly not going to do anything. They've already been paid, what do they care? Reply only once to this post if you're interested in a class action lawsuit. If there's enough interest I'll contact an attorney. Let's do this!
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I purchased a subscription to vogue in May that I never received. Of course I waited 6-8 weeks and it was too late to get a paypal refund.

Paypal is claiming there is nothing they can do. I attempted to contact them but of course didn't receive a response. And the auction was removed after I paid them, so there is no way for me to leave feedback.

It looks like they are no longer selling magazines under subscriptions4less on ebay. Doesn't mean they haven't set up shop under another username.


I just realized the subscription I purchased in May has never arrived, and am pissed. I'd be willing to join your lawsuit.


Alyson, I just wrote another email to paypal's customer service w/a list of ebayers ripped-off between june and present (based upon seller's feedback). Most of them stated they contacted paypal and got a refund.

I'm sure there are many (like me) who couldn't leave feedback for numerous reasons (as stated in my prev. msg, the dutch BIN auction was cancelled after I won/paid so there's no auction # for me to leave feedback for...) and that didn't/couldn't get a refund due to too much time passing.I posted this in a few other complaint msg boards but I'm reposting it here so as many ppl as possible can see it and benefit from it. Here is the list I sent Paypal tonight, which covers feedback from June thru present:Negative feedback1) No renewal of subscription per US Weekly, No response from Seller, PP Refunded Buyer: bevinh782 Jun-30-08 15:593yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246****39) US $19.98 View Item2) RIP OFF ! BUYER GONE, NO WARNING, NO MAGAZINES - HAD TO FIGHT W/PP TO GET $ BACK Buyer: smittenkitten89 Jun-26-08 06:493yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246****39) US $19.98 View Item3) Never recieved magazines and sent 2 emails and no response back.

Buyer: alli78 Jun-25-08 09:351yr OK! MAGAZINE + 1yr US WEEKLY - Subscription (#310043****35) US $13.98 View Item 4) Mag. never arrived after 7 wks. No response to any of my emails-paypal refunded Buyer: therewasalittlebird Jun-22-08 18:51 3yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246****39) US $19.98 View Item5) Never received magazine - no response from seller - Paypal refunded.

Buyer: faye1218 Jun-15-08 08:163yr US WEEKLY - Subscription **BLOWOUT** (#110246****39) US $19.98 View Item6) almost 8wks-no mags-no communication-my children are devastated! paypal refunded Buyer: 6littlestitches Jun-14-08 09:17 Follow-up by 6littlestitches (Jun-25-08 10:15): STILL NO MAGS- now seller has no items for sale- wonder why????? stay away! 2yr ZOOBOOKS - Subscription [NO S/H] (#110245****25) US $24.98 View Item7) Never received order.

Contact was unsuccessful. Buyer: agrotnes Jun-09-08 20:461yr OK! MAGAZINE + 1yr US WEEKLY - Subscription (#310043****35) US $13.98 8) Received Today but never received Astronomy sub from 02/26, no communication!!! Buyer: tschneeibm Jun-06-08 12:284yr READER'S DIGEST - Subscription **SALE** (#310043****58) US $19.98 View Item------------ Seller had replied to all of these on July 29th stating: * Reply by subscriptions4less (Jul-29-08 20:45): Ebay removed our listings and wouldn't allow access to our account.--------- However that doesn't explain why their email account is inactive or why they couldn't fwd.

our information to the publishers so we'd actually get our subscriptions... Or even why they couldn't EMAIL us (or some other form of contact) to let us know there'd be a delay. Paypal would have the address and auction information necessary for them to submit our info, so being locked out of Ebay is no excuse. For anyone who has been ripped of by these guys, if you paid via paypal, even if it's past 45 days, even if you got a refund already -- CONTACT THEM AGAIN and ask them to open an investigation into Subscriptions4less.

The more people that complain, the more likely they'll refund those of us who were ripped off, even if it's past their 45 day mark. I hope this is helpful to those of you in the same situation.

Paypal rep Ralph Vernon sent me a reply on Thursday 8/7 that stated (in part): > We do reserve the right to reopen any claim for investigation within 180> calendar days if we receive multiple complaints about a particular> seller. We will contact you by email if this is the case.Good luck everyone.


I'd be willing to join your lawsuit -- I had a few successful transactions from this seller previously, but had made one $15 purchase for 2 subscriptions (redbook & Women's Day) as a gift via BIN a day before ebay shut all auctions down by this seller. The seller assured me these would be submitted to the publishers and based upon past deals, had no reason to doubt him.

That was shortly before Mother's Day (5/7 approx). Here it is 8/7 and the publishers have no record of the order, my mom has no magazines, Paypal & Ebay won't refund anything unless a BUNCH of people that have used paypal to buy from this seller send in complaints about him (DO THAT IF YOU CAN!) at which point they'll open a case if it's w/in 180 days of the fraud issue, and the seller has conveniently disappeared from ebay, cancelling his email account so we can't contact him.


P.S. Here's my response email to EBay after they wouldn't let me file feedback or a dispute:

"I'm very disappointed with EBay, Paypal and Subscriptions4less.

First of all, I can't leave feedback after, what, 60 days? I didn't even know I'd been screwed over until after that. And I can't file a dispute? I will never again shop EBay.

You have a Power Seller with a stellar rating and I'm certain hundreds of people have been taken for thousands of dollars. Thanks for nothing EBay!"

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