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Ordered some wheels from these guys on March 18th. Paid full price for 4 NEW wheels and an extra $40 for the locks and lugs and $40 for the hub rings.The guy on the phone said the order will go out the following Tuesday or Wednesday and that I would receive an email with the tracking number. Well, Tues. and Weds. pass and no tracking number. I call and they say the wheels will be shipped out today(thursday). Still nothing. I call them back the next day and they say they'll go out today for sure(friday). Still nothing. So now it's the next Monday, I call and they say they'll go out today. This time I actually receive a tracking number and they do ship. Finally! This wouldn't be that big of a problem if they had said to wait a week or two to begin with. But when they say they'll go out in two days... I expect them to go out in two days. Moving on... It is now March 31st and I've finally received my order. Here are the contents of what I received: 2 new wheels 2 USED wheels 0 locks/lugs 0 hub rings Need I say more about this company?? I'm currently disputing the charges with my bank and this company.
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Lucy- Look at the dates of the complaints and then look at the dates that "tony" and "joe" both offered to resolve these issues. I'm going to assume that Captor and Virgil weren't planning on waiting 7 months for someone to contact them here on Pissed Consumer and that their poor service issues have already been resolved.

And comparing your in-store experience with the experience of out of state customers that have to rely on the stores word isn't the same thing. Stores can't scam an in-store customer because you get to see the merchandise before deciding to buy.

Not so with out of state customers who have to hope that what arrives at their door (if anything) is what they paid for.


Looks like a fake complain , no one seems to have called back to resolve !! That's the sad part - I am one of their happy and repeating customers as I send all my friends and relatives there , they are offering wholesale prices , waiting area , TV , drinks , good service !! What else I can ask for - Oh , well !!



Please respond to my second request to be contacted. I would like to solve your issue to the best of my ability.

Please contact me at 714-422-**** extension 203. Thanks.


Hello there,

Please contact me at 714-422-**** extension 203. I would like to discuss the validity of your claim and take care of your issue.



Hello there,

Please contact me at 714-422-**** extension 203. I would like to discuss the validity of your claim and take care of your issue.



MR Richardson can you please contact me at discounted wheel warehouse 714-745-**** and make sure your problem is taken care. Thanks


I am having a similar issue with them right now. I bought wheels on June 20th and they charged my credit card June 24th.

I waited for weeks with multiple excuses and lies with fake tracking numbers. Finally they shipped the wheels when I was demanding a refund with no center caps, black painted inserts, or lug nuts. They promised me again last week I would have everything this week.. Still nothing..

When I threatened to call my credit card and dispute the transaction they agreed to email me return shipping lables and they then will refund my money back someday after they receive the wheels back. Im still waiting on the labels and meanwhile Im paying interest on items I never recieved!

Its now july 24th. I told Giselda I Bought my house in way less time then getting a set of rims and tires from this company has taken..

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