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Unauthorized charge on my credit card!!!

Mcafee #1664283
McAfee made authorized purchase on my credit card and DID NOT HAVE MY NEW NUMBER ON FILE. I cannot understand where they got my number. It is frightening. I made a purchase with Chewy (which I do on a regular basis), but this time, at 5:00 am, McAfee charged my account. I have a hard time not thinking this is connected some how. I contacted McAfee for a refund and was advised that VISA automatically provides updated information to them, if they have an expired account. This doesn't sound right. I have had legitimate automatic subscriptions (ie cable) cut off due to them having an expired card, so why would VISA provide them with updated information without my authorization? Additionally, I haven't purchased from McAfee in 2 years and always cut off any automatic renewals. I need to report this.
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