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USAA - US Navy War Vet

I am a US Navy War Vet just got out of the Navy. I found the house I want to buy near my new job, I am staying in a hotel till we close on the house. The VA said they can not close before 2weeks to protect us, that is too long for me and my family to stay in a hotel with a new baby. We heard high recommendations from USAA, when I called they said they could close in a week, of course I went with them. I Had all my paperwork sent to them that day. They changed my loan processor 4 different times each time they lost all my paperwork and I would have to send everything all over again, including calling the builder and title company and having them send their paperwork over again also. We were with them for 2months our last loan processor (Marimar) wouldn't answer the phone or call back till 4:30p their office closes at 4:30p so she would say I'll call you back in 30min and of course she never did. When I would call Customer Service and tell them my problems they would say let me try to track her down, I would be put on hold for about 30min they would come back and say "I'm sorry I can't find her, can I please put you on hold again and call her manager." 2 mins later "I cant get a hold of her either let me try the next manager." 2more manager later and I'm screwed I get to leave a message and not get called back till 4:30p again. This was a daily occurrence. I switched banks on Monday, called USAA at 11a to request the VA appraisal and withdraw my application. I received a call back from Marimar at 4:30p she says she needs it in writing she cant take that over the phone. I wrote it out, scanned it in, and email it within 5 mins, called back and I can not get a hold of anyone. Tue I try calling USAA I still cant reach anyone, I called 3times that day still not being able to reach anyone (Marimar's managers voice mail was full all day). Wed at 4p I receive an email from Marimar requesting the Lender VA ID she said she needs this before she can send us the VA appraisal. I replied back exactly 3 mins later with the ID, and I called her not being able to reach anyone. Now it's Thur, this morning I resent the Lender VA ID still have not been contacted back by USAA. When I called customer service they put me on hold for an hr, then would not transfer me to Marimar since my loan was withdrawn. As the customer service lady was playing middle man between me and Marimar, the customer service representative told me Marimar was about to leave. Marimar left with me still on the phone, she sent no appraisal and I will be doing this all over again tomorrow. This has been a daily occurrence with USAA for the past 2months. I recommend NO ONE EVER Going through USAA because even when you finally change banks they will hold you up as much as they can even at your new bank. My new bank has everything done all they are waiting on is Marimar to send over the VA Appraisal.
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WOW. I just dealt with this EXACT situation with USAA.

Original closing date was April 22, 2011. We JUST closed June 16th. No communication, no call backs, no return emails! I had to send the same items over and over again.

Unacceptable. The seller was moving across country, already had her furniture moved and was waiting on us as we pleaded for more time.

Thank you Lorraine Santana (Loan Officer). We almost lost the house of our dreams because of you incompetence.


To: Dozer 11B Infantry :)

I know how you feel, sorry you had to go through the same thing.

To: usmcdeathcard :)

Thank you for the info but when we went to a small local bank they didnt misplace 1 peice of paper and closed in 14days.


Her name is Marimar NOT Miramar and I'm not suprised she doesn't working there anymore. I with I would of known about calling the bank president when I was still wanting to work with you guys. Yes the VA had the appraisal but wouldn't release it without some code or document#, Now I can't remember the name but Marimar wouldn't even give it to me. I called several times, a week later her manager emailed me the "code". Thank You

To: BooHoo

Thank you for showing everyone what trash really is.


4th Closing date, 3rd processor, getting no where. Sellers about to back out, USAA knows it, but still moving like slugs.

If you are reading this. Trust me, Do not use USAA Mortgage. My realtor told me to go with this bank in town. I said, I would go with USAA, they are good with stuff like this..HAAHAHA..Little did I know, that the mortgage dept.

is totally worthless. A waste of time. I speak from experience. You will regret it when you are weeks past the original closing date.

You need to go somewhere that you can walk into. There are alot of banks that are VA approved lenders. They will have you done in no time. I am on my 4th closing date, sellers want to back out.

Faxes are lost, emails are buried. You know, the email that has the important info they requested one day before closing, and now your closing date has been pushed back, again. You will not be able to get your processor on the phone. You need to use extension 78466, and they will instant message your processor, who will message them back.

HOW??, so, the processor doesn't answer the phone when you just called,even though they are right there. NOPE! Also, they will call at the end of the work day, to give you some info, so that it will have to wait till the next day, so that you can send them the bank statements they lost, for the 3rd time. Hello, check your email.

Its still in your *** email...duhhh! I have chosen to go with a different bank now. The one my realtor told me to use from day one. One that I can walk into, right down the road.

My paperwork, all of it, is currently sitting on the underwriters desk.

All they are waiting for is USAA for the appraisal documents. And its a done deal.


Well Sailor, not sure where you ever thought you would close on a huse in a week or even two..I just refinanced my house at a lower rate and it took 5 months. FIVE months, and Im using the same bank that has the original loan, so dont expect anything to happen with any military quickness, it wont.

Whatever you send a bank send them "signature" so you can prove you sent it, never send originals UNLESS you certify the mail.


There isn't a mortgage processor named Miramar. Call the Bank President if you're not getting a response. Plus VA should have the appraisal, too.

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