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Netflix rapes subscribers

Update by user Aug 19, 2011

My deepest and sincerest apologies for comparing the Netflix rate increase to a physical rape, I learned something and certainly did not intend a literal parallel between the two. Netflix service continues to be shoddy (streaming and selection).

I\'m grateful for the public outcry they endured upon their decision to raise rates while reducing services in this economy. The company will likely survive, but I trust they too learned a valuable lesson from the public during this debacle.

Original review posted by user Jul 19, 2011
Netflix, like most other big companies has decided to rape its loyal customers with a 50% price increase. Nevermind that the DVD's now are so scratched they often don't play; and popular titles have been on their wait list over a year (Dallas Season 14) ... and the catalog for steaming videos is pathetic ... go ahead. I hope Blockbuster or Redbox seizes a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to befriend the public and give a value to customers. Whether membership discount or streaming video or combo at a better price -- this is your chance to come back from the dead Blockbuster! Netflix has lost its lock on customer satisfaction for a good product/service.
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Relax with the self righteousness you hysterical flakes, you really think he meant that literally? And he's right, netflix is a rip-off and it's got nothing to do with entitlement and everything to do with being not only jacked(can I use that term or will I offend somebody who thinks I am comparing it to being car jacked?) for 60% but then having the dvd delivery time TRIPLE in length.

netflix lost my business forever because they are greedy scumb@***s. up yours netflix.


I am so offended that you compared a price increase for a video rental subscription to rape! :( Hope you evening/week/month/year/decade/century sucks.


Raped, huh? Go ask someone who's actually been raped if they think Netflix raising their prices is even CLOSE to what they experienced.

I think someone is being a tad over-dramatic, and that word usage alone negates any credibility you thought you had.

If their service is so terrible, why did you have it in the first place? Their streaming service is exactly what I'd expect for $7.99 a month. They aren't going to give you unlimited access to their best and newest movies for $7.99 a month. And their DVDs aren't just all of a sudden becoming scratched now that they raised their prices.

Yet you willingly paid for that service for how long? Glad to know that Americans still know which issues to be outraged about. You mentioned Redbox, but didn't mention that they, too, raised their prices by 50% only a few months ago. Shame on them.

How dare they! Selective outrage strikes again. Congrats, America.

This is what you get for not keeping score at T-Ball games and giving everyone a trophy. Entitlement issues.

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The Old Spaghetti Factory - Made to wait unreasonable time for table

Recently I went to Sacramento's The Old Spaghetti Factory. My party of two was told it would be ten minutes before being seated. We sat and watched as the lobby of the restaurant was turned again, and again, and again, and again. Parties of two, three, four, twenty-one were seated while we sat. I'm a big man. Once they offered a tiny table about 12-15" wide. We declined. After approximately 45 minutes they offered to seat us. I complained to the manager. The hostess had stonewalled us. Spaghetti Factory's spaghetti is just okay; their salad is below average, their bread is good, their coffee is below average, their ice cream is very good. The only thing they really have to sell is service and atmosphere. I give them a -10 for service! The manager did try to make it right, my friend ate, I declined the free meal -- sat and drank water. Doubtful I will return. I used to take guests and clients there. Don't plan to in the future.
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Staples - One Day Sale - 8 a.m. Out of Stock

Staples 3/23/11 online Daily Deal Event (valid that day only) was a Nikon S4000 Digital Camera. At 8 a.m. PDT they were out of stock, no rainchecks, no backorders, no inventory in store. Online chat supervisor said sales are based on EST. I guess millions of people on the west coast be damned, Staples Daily Deals are for east coast customers. Stop cluttering up my email in box with your fraulent advertisements when you don't have the product. There will come a day when another office supply store will knock Staples off their pedestal and offer customer service/satisfaction.
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Unless it is a special purchase item, not likely except around the holidays, the item on sale i a regularly stocked item. This means the store is selling them before the sale date, so it is possible they will not have any when the sale comes around. no retailer that I know of offers rainchecks on one day sales.


oh shut up.

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