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McShin Foundation - Filed false criminal charges against me.

I asked my girlfriend to go to a rehab. She was using heroin and clearly needed help. Her mother suggested a place called the McShin Foundation. They went out of their way to try and break us up, because of rumors spread by her mother. She escaped the rehab and got drunk with me, in a sole attempt to be kicked out. She had actually brought a needle with her that she got from a peer, I forced her to toss it. The rehab owners filed false criminal charges against me saying that I gave her drugs. DoNotGo to McShinFoundation!
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I'm not with the McShin Foundation, but I am part of the concerned volunteers who go in from time to time, and try to help the young addicts integrate from treatment to the 12 step programs of NA / AA.

What I do know is, anyone can leave whenever they choose, there are as many exits to go out of, as entrances to come in!

Some of my experiences with addiction have been, I thought I knew everything, and didn't have a clue as to the responsibilities of life.

I can pretty much guarantee, that the McShin staff, did not come to your house, and asked you to come and join this treatment model towards recovery.

In other words, learning how not to use and grow up!!!

You sound like part of the problem and not the solution!!! Her mother and family, who probably are still taking care of her, have a responsibility and right to want to remove negative people from her life, so she can at least, start the recovery process, and attain the knowledge and support of others with a positive outlook, to a better life. You are not one of those!

Try getting some help yourself, adjust your attitude and grow up. The name calling, excuse making for your bad behavior and hers, are not in line with the rest of society.

There are consequences in this society for bad behavior... That's a fact!!!

Programs like the McShin treatment center are a starting point, they will give you life saving information, what you do what that information, is solely on the individual. They are responsible for the effort, not the outcome!!!


All I can say is that , in my experience, McShin has been a GOD SEND and a life line to those who are SINCERELY interested in breaking their cycle of addiction. They are compassionate and caring souls who are interested only in the success of the HERD.

If there is a person there who is unwilling, he/she is free to leave. If the person attempts to stay but fails to stick to the program of abstinence, he/she becomes a threat to the others who are trying desperately hard to survive their own addictions. Does it not make sense that if you did not choose to enter the program WITH your girlfriend, that your continued use of any detrimental substance would jeopardize her success? If you loved her as much as you claim, you would have supported her efforts to keep clean rather than cop out by claiming that you did not "pour it down her throat".

It seems that you are not ready for help yourself... but please don't drag others who are (were)ready for sobriety down the road of destruction and despair with you.

AT THE VERY LEAST, do not discourage others from SEEKING HELP from a place which has proven, time and time again, that they CAN, AND DO, HELP THOSE WHO WILL HELP THEMSELVES!!!! I sincerely hope you turn your life around before it is too late for you.


and just for sh!ts and giggles. wait till i get her back.

I LET her go to that rehab.

You ***! You are probably a rotting drug addict just like the rest of mcshin


You sound like a real winner there buddy. I hope this girl had enough sense to get away from you or has she already od?


She got drunk to try and leave herself

You liberal lunaticts act like i poured the alcohol down her throat. And you dont know that mike lied to the courts (perjury) and said that i threatened him. When in fact he threatened me!

@How am i an ***le?


Your point is true. Its all about the dollar.

Listen to your guy. Everything you've seen and experienced is real. You must let go and move on. Dust off these people, they will be meaningless to you when your 50.

You won't remember their names, what they said, or even where it was. Sending Peace and goodwill

You got out alive. She got out alive.

These people have 55 gal trashcans of blood on their hands. And they laugh at their wall of shame/wall of dead


She got drunk to try and leave herself

You liberal lunaticts act like i poured the alcohol down her throat. And you dont know that mike lied to the courts (perjury) and said that i threatened him. When in fact he threatened me!


Anyone who wants to be a part of

Mcshin can leave at any time. Unless you are intimidated by the Court system.

but she was there by choice.

You don't have to plan to be "kicked out." All you had to do was get her to walk out.

you're an *** :p

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