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USAA - No one is working to "look" at the customers as individuals

Dear Mr. Robles, I hope someone let's you read this email. In the last 10 years I have lost my parents, my brothers and my youngest son. I am 64 years old, retired educator, and going through a divorce. I am living on social security and a small pension from the school system. All my family has died except for my oldest son, who is a school principal. I want to stay in my house, but the payments are too high now. I have been a loyal member since the 70's and my payment history is spotless. I pride myself on being a good consumer and pay my bills on time. I am forced now to sell my house, but no one will but it because it isn't worth what I put into it any more. I have to spend $500 a month on health insurance and pay for medications for the polyarthritis that is crippling me. I am in a position that needs a special eye to see past the rule and regulations that have replaced the "care" you say you have for your customers. I do NOT want to walk away from my obligation to you, but I may have no choice. NO one will think outside the box and take a chance on me. This is my last effort to try to salvage my dignity, my pride, mr excellent credit rating. But at my age, I may have to throw that all away to be able to live my life. Please help me. I am upside down in my mortgage, my house is depreciating every year, and I don't qualify for any special modifications because my gross income is too high. Who lives on a gross income? I had to pay 950 dollars in excess income taxes this year, and my 85 year old home need upkeep. Do you really care? Amelia Lubrano
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The problem is the people working at USAA, they act like automatons. Ask a question and you get a preapproved preformatted response.

They're not allowed to think outside the box. It's a pity really as they grew their brand by providing one-on-one service.

My advice is to switch to a small credit union, USAA has turned it's back and become just like the rest of the evil too big to fail banks. Turncoats.


Wow, you people are seriously heartless. Maybe you should take your own advice.

She has to pay over $500 a month for medical care, do you know what that feels like? If you've never had to pay that kind of money for medical care, then you wouldn't understand, so maybe you should shut up "Shut Up!"

Good luck to you Amelia.


USAA is a business, not a charity. If you want a handout that leads to bankruptcy, ask the federal government.

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